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I'm Walken, I'm Talking

Christopher WalkenSomeone just told me slavery is illegal. Boy it looks like I am going to have to let a few people out of my basement then.

If you mix coffee with coffee then what you get is considerably more coffee.

English people don't talk right. They have this cockeyed way of saying things. I call it an "accent." I don't like it. Last week, I was in London looking to seek my fortune, when this little English girl came up to me and said some gibberish in her "accent." I told her speak right or there would be repercussions. She did not know what I meant, so I took her in my arms and broke her jaw. That fixes that.

Why hasn't Sasquatch come out of hiding yet? I mean come on already.

Sit the fuck down, white boy.

Fish don't feel pain. I feel their pain.

They need to bring back The Bob Hope Show. I do not care if they man is dead. I said do it.

If I do not feel like wearing clothes, nobody is going to tell me the otherwise. Not people on the street, not the cops, not some high and mighty judge, and certainly not some parole officer.

Sometimes I like to sit back and eat a sandwich. A POWER SANDWICH!

How the hell do frogs know when I'm coming?

Way to go extinct, Imperial Parrot. No one liked you anyway.

Trips to the zoo can be both exciting and informative for people of all ages.

Rock on, Panda bear.

Now that you have brought up bears, I want to address this foolish notion that the koala bear is not really a bear. A koala bears is of course a bear, for why else would it be named a koala bear? I'm mean, come on for Christ's sake. I don't know who is spreading this rumor, but if I was a koala bear I would sue that person for libel and defamation. In between eating some delicious eucalyptus leaves, of course.

Envelopes bother me to no end.

Mighty is the man who can fiddle with a fiddle.

Boycott the caf, it's full of earwigs.

I am going to make up my own state and run for senator of that state. I think I could win that race, since I would be the only member of my made up state. Then I will got to Congress and really shake up the system. It's high time the man had a taste of Walken in his coffee.

If you mix coffee with coffee then what you get is considerably more coffee.

If there is one thing I have always wondered about honeybees it is, why can't I be one?

No need to poke it. It's already dead.

Mixed nuts are crazy I tell you. Who said cashews are good enough people to hang around the almond or almighty peanut. Certainly not I, so everyone should stop pinning this fiasco on me.

I am starting to think that a lot of those characters on Sesame Street are really puppets. I mean, wow.