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Crazy Michael Jackson Movie Idea

Jackson Wanted to Play Car in a Movie

NEW YORK - It's an odd idea for a movie, even for Michael Jackson. "Jersey Girl" director Kevin Smith says he once got an offer to direct the pop singer in a movie about a man who turns into a car that gets ridden around by a boy.

Smith tells Playboy magazine that Jackson wanted to play the car/man role. The proposed title of the film, and Smith says this is no lie, was "Hot Rod."

Smith calls it the "weirdest" script he was ever asked to direct.

The pop star is being accused of child molestation in Santa Barbara County, Calif. Jackson was also accused of a similar crime ten years ago. He has maintained his innocence in both cases.

Sometimes these articles we do about news stories just write themselves. There's nothing more I can add to this, so it looks like I am done for the day. Good night folks, I'm out of here.

Michael Jackson showing the baby who is in charge
Michael Jackson showing the baby who is in charge.