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Game Review: Wrath of the Black Manta


Wrath of the Black Manta title

Wrath of the Black Manta   Wrath of the Black Manta is a Nintendo game starring a ninja that is a recipe for success. You would have to be a dirty Mick to not love ninja games. However, Wrath of the Black Manta is much like an actual ninja, it is surrounded by mystery and intrigue.

You start out the game with the ninja Black Manta hanging out in his house. He gets a phone call  by some guy without a face that informs him children all over the city are getting kidnapped, and it's up to Black Manta to ninja kick some kidnapper ass. Black Manta of course wonders what these kidnappings are all about.


Ninja Stars - A staple of ninja weaponry, the shuriken. The Black Manta has an unlimited number of these and can throw them with expert precision.

Ninja Sticks™ - These might be knives, but they look like sticks to me. Whenever you kill an enemy with them you gain a bunch of life. I'm not sure why, Black Manta may or may not be some sort of vampire ninja. Scientists are working hard to figure this out.

Crazy Ninja Magic - By holding the attack button for about three minutes you can use a variety of ninja magic like such as shooting a fireball, shooting a less effective fireball which rolls along the ground, or make two Black Mantas appear, one on top the other. All of these magics are less effective then normal attacks.


Wrath of the Black Manta

What always bugged me about this is why is Black Manta wearing his Ninja outfit while alone in his house? He must have just come home from the Ninja Club, or his night job at the Ninja Pizzeria. Anyways it's time for Black Manta to leave his apartment and hit the streets.

On the streets, there is a note left from one of the kidnapped children. It says that the man in red knows something. Due to this information instead of pelting the red enemies with ninja stars until they look like a ninja pincushion, you have to "interrogate" them. This means standing next to them and grabbing them with your ninja sticks™. There is then a short cut scene detailing the conversation. Now I must say the man in red is ugly as hell, not in a "bad Nintendo graphics" kind of way, but in a "cousins shouldn't date" kind of way. Interviewing random enemies is an interesting twist to the game where you learn clues, like the kidnappings are being done by a large corporation and that one guy doesn't know anything. So in other words: it has no effect on the actual game. In fact Black Manta makes stuff up, for example he saves a kid from kidnappers and then without any proof says the kidnapping is drug related, because drug kingpins often kidnap children to help out with the cocaine smuggling.

So far the game has been doing a little something that the Finnish like to call "kicking ass". However the precise moment that the game starts to suck is when Black Manta encounters the first boss. The boss is named Tiny. However Tiny is a rather large man, ha ha those crazy drug dealers calling a large person a word which would make him sound small. What's next, naming a fat guy Slim or a small guy Huge.

The trouble with fighting Tiny is that he can only be hurt if you hit him in the head, which is damn near impossible. You can only hit his head by jumping up. It takes expert timing and luck since half the time Black Manta doesn't even jump high enough to hit his fucking head. If you are a good enough player to beat tiny then you go on to the next level, Level 2

After brief intermission Black Manta heads to Japan, where he must do battle with Japan's toughest defenders: NINJAS. The first part of the level you must kill a ninja on a kite and steal the kite. This sounds simple but it took me about half an hour to figure out what to do. Then after you land you have to do battle with more ninjas. The ninjas then proceed to kill you with one hit. This is where I quit playing. That's the story of Wrath of the Black Manta, pretty good for part of one level, and then really gay.

Game Rating:

Graphics - 6/10: It's kind of bland, plus the people tend to only be one color. For some reason, I think most thugs don't dress in only blue, including their face.

Fun - 5/10: I didn't get very far, and only half of it was fun, and it wasn't very fun.

Difficulty - 9/10: The first level is very easy, which is one of the things I enjoyed about it. However that was just a ploy by the evil drug corporation to lull Black Manta into a false sense of security, or maybe the people making the game realized that they only programmed three levels into the game so they had to make it really hard. Either way those ninjas in level two are fucking tough.

Final Thoughts: Don't play this game. While it features ninjas it is not good enough to warrant buying. Unless you download illegal roms instead buying games, then go ahead.

  Game Hint:

In order to enter secret doors you have to go to where the door is, and throw a bunch of ninja stars for some unknown reason


Get it, his name is Tiny but he's large. Now that's comedy.
Get it, his name is Tiny but he's large. Now that's comedy.

Wrath of the Black Manta

Game Hint:

Instead of playing this game you should instead play a better one, such as Clash at Demon Head, or Lifeforce