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John Stamos Kicks that Bitch Rebecca-Romijn to the Curb

John Stamos Rebecca Romijn-Stamos Separate

LOS ANGELES - Married life is over for "Full House" actor John Stamos and "X-Men" actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, the former Victoria's Secret model. The couple has separated after five years of marriage, publicist Lewis Kay said Monday.

"The split is amicable and they have asked that the media please respect their privacy regarding this situation during this difficult time," Kay said.

The spokesman said the couple had no further comment.

Stamos, 40, and Romijn, 31, met in 1994 at a Victoria's Secret fashion show and began dating two months later. They married in September 1998.

The actress appeared in "X-Men," "X2: X-Men United," "Femme Fatale" and "Rollerball" and she appears in the upcoming films "The Punisher" and "Godsend."

Stamos, best-known for his role as Jesse in "Full House" from 1987 to 1995, played John Sears in last year's cable TV movie "The Reagans." In recent years, he's played on the Broadway stage.

Looks like the gravy train is over for poor old Rebecca Romijn. You had it all bitch, you were married to John Stamos, a legendary Greek god. Then you had to go and do something to displease him, so now your ass is out the door. Does that bitch really think there is a life after John Stamos? Hell, no there is not. Just look at what happened to his fake wife from Full House, Lori Loughlin. Do you remember anything she did after that show? No you don't, because she was so distraught when she found out that she was not really married to Uncle Jesse that she had a nervous breakdown and never recovered her sanity. Her last acting job was as the victim in a German snuff film. If you look hard enough, you can find that video on the internet.

Then there is the case of Dave Coulier, the "man" that played Uncle Joey on the show. When Full House went off the air, Dave was distraught to learn that John was only pretending to be friends with him because he was getting paid to. Stamos severed all contact with Coulier as soon as Full House went off the air. Dave fell deeper and deeper into depression each time Stamos wouldn't return his phone calls. No one in Hollywood was willing to hire someone Stamos cut from inner circle, so Coulier soon ran out of money. These days you can find him living as a homeless man in inner city Los Angeles, giving blowjobs to business men for quarters or letting him do his stupid cartoon voices in front of them.

Now some miserable fate awaits Rebecca. I hear the reason for the divorce was because John wanted to have children and Rebecca did not. What the fuck is up with her? Why would she refuse John Stamos' semen? Dumb ass. Well, John Stamos has to do whatever he must to ensure he have a male heir to continue the House of Stamos. If that means divorceing a wife he only married out of pity to being with, well so be it. He will soon find a new female eager to breed with him.

I found this out when looking up John Stamos on Wikipedia:

John married supermodel Rebecca Romjin in 1998. The Stamos' are widely known as one of Hollywood's most sexually liberal couples. They often throw nude parties at their California home.

Not only did she get to see John Stamos naked at any point during the day, but also at high class Hollywood naked parties the couple hosts. What a dumb bitch she has to be to displease Stamos. Her life is over. She may be able to find a new boyfriend, but that will only be because since she had sex with John Stamos, having sex with her will be one step away from ACTUALLY HAVING SEX WITH JOHN STAMOS. Other than that, she will be outcast as the wench John threw away like yesterday's garbage. Because now she is garbage. And not even fresh garbage from just this day, but slightly older garbage. She won't be able to ride John's coattails anymore, like she did when he helped her get into the record business by producing her track on A Tribute to Prince: Party O' the Times.

John Stamos on the other hand will have no trouble bouncing back. He used to be married to a hot woman on TV and real life, and he will do it again, this time with millions of potential wives to give birth to his heirs to the throne of cool.

Have mercy.

Rebecca Romijn admires John's manly new beard while he enjoys as having her hand down his pants.

Rebecca Romijn admires John's manly new beard while he enjoys as having her hand down his pants.