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AC Slater and the Doritos Girl Divorce

Lopez and Landry Split - After Two Weeks of Marriage

AC Slater Doritos Girl

Former Saved By The Bell hunk Mario Lopez and his new bride, Ali Landry, have already gone their separate ways - after just two weeks of marriage.

The pair wed at Mexico's exclusive Las Alamandas resort outside Puerto Vallarta on April 24 and already, 30-year-old Landry is seeking to have the marriage annulled because, according to pals, she believes Lopez, also 30, cheated on her.

The two met when Lopez was doing commentary for the 1998 Miss USA pageant, which she emceed. But friends quickly warned Landry of Lopez's alleged wandering eye.

A source tells Us Weekly, "She didn't want to believe it, but she was given really strong evidence this time. She is devastated.

"She's still processing what has happened, but she has her friends and family around her. She's strong. She'll get through this."

Landry has also asked bosses at The Oprah Winfrey Show to cut an upcoming feature they'd planned to air on her nuptials.

Lopez's latest reported infidelity occurred at his bachelor party in Acapulco.

You heard that right folks. Ali Landry has ended her marriage to AC Slater. I don't know who Ali Landry is other than that she appeared in a bunch of Doritos commercials, but breaking up a marriage with Slater is almost as stupid as Rebecca Romijn forcing John Stamos to end his marriage to her. When will the bitches learn when they have a good thing going?

AC Slater Ali Landry Doritos

On the left, AC Slater looking like a hunk, as always. On the right, Ali Landry enjoying some Doritos.

AC SlaterAli Landry DoritosOK Landry, you are upset because Slater is cheating on you, and has been ever since you met and even after you became married. But can you blame him? First off, he is from a military family so he was forced to travel around the world. This means that it is in his nature to sample the locale cuisine of ladies. Second off, you certainly aren't the most attractive person Slater has ever been with. His has had girls from all over the world, and it's pretty safe to assume he has had sex with at least half the women on this planet, including several girls I know personally. If you don't want Slater to keep wandering, the least you could do is put away the Doritos bag for a minute or two. Doritos breath on a girl is only sexy to a point.

And ask yourself a few questions, Ali Landry, before you feel the need to be all high and mighty. Were you there to comfort Slater when his pet chameleon died? No. Were there at the funeral held in Bayside High? No, you weren't. Were you there when Slater got a score of nearly retarded on the SAT? No. His friends and principal from Bayside High were the ones that helped him through all of his dilemmas in life. You, Ali Landry, weren't there for him, you were probably off in some grocery store buying up every single pack of those Doritos you love so much. Man, you sure do like Doritos.

So remember, this is AC Slater, the second coolest dude from Saved by the Bell, and he's only second coolest because unlike Zack Morris, Slater couldn't magically stop time or talk to the studio audience. Actually, Slater might be cooler than Zack, because unlike Zack, he didn't dress up like a girl twice a month; though he did wear tights and do ballet an awful lot. At any rate, you don't give up on a marriage to Slater. Losing Slater will doom your life. Look what happened to Jessie Spano after she broke up with Slater; she became a stripper. The Doritos company has already found a new spokesperson for their snack, so I don't see much more work in the future for you. On the other had, AC Slater's career is wide open as soon as the Pacific Blue reunion TV movie gets underway. Rethink this divorce, bitch. I'm ordering you to.

AC Slater

Slater with some of the bitches he nailed while married.

Ali Landry Doritos

Jesus Christ, Ali Landry. I like Doritos too, but I'm not obsessed enough to bathe in them. These aren't Cocoa Puffs. You, dear, have serious problems. No wonder Slater kept cheating on you, he didn't want to be with a girl who had a damn Doritos fetish. He didn't want to be with a girl who during sex, would want him to shove Doritos up her ass to get an orgasm. Eww.