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Where Are The Power Ranger Actors Now?

Jason David Frank
Jason David Frankplayed Tommy Oliver, the Green/White Ranger

Jason was first shown in episode 17 on 10/5/93 as part of the "Green with Evil" miniseries. And in case your memory of the show needs to be jogged, he is the only person on this page who is not an original cast member. Even so, he has appeared in over 190 episodes of the various versions of the series, which is more than any other person who has played a Power Ranger. This guy has made the show his career. Right now, you can find him on the current version of the series as Dr. Tommy Oliver, paleontologist mentor to the newest Rangers in Power Rangers DinoThunder.

Other than being on Power Rangers pretty much nonstop for the past decade, Jason has done guest appearances on four episodes of Sweet Valley High in 1996, as well as an episode each of Meego, Blue Gender, and Max Steel. I don't know what any of those shows are, but regardless, they all got cancelled pretty quickly, anyway. His most erotic appearance outside of the Power Rangers was on a single episode MTV's Undressed. Check out some pictures from that episode here. Warning: these images are quite EROTIC.

You can also catch him as the star of the movie Fall Guy, which will come direct to video whenever the producers can get enough money to buy a second VCR to make copies.

When Frank isn't milking the Power Ranger gig for every last paycheck, he runs The Rising Sun Karate Academy in Los Angeles. Somehow, he even managed to find enough time in between filming the Power Rangers to have three kids and get married twice.

Amy Jo Johnson
Amy Jo Johnsonplayed Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger

Amy has had the most successful acting career post- Power Rangers. One reason for this is because she is hot. Another reason is that she can kind of act, which was certainly not a qualification for hiring anyone else in the Power Rangers cast. 

But having the best acting career among the Power Rangers cast is like having the best smell among your Mexican family: the bar is set pretty low to begin with, and even then, it's not like you take baths that often. After leaving the Power Rangers at the end of 1995, Amy has had guest appearances on Spin City, ER, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, and a bunch of movies nobody watched, including 1997's Killing Mr. Griffin, which starred Saved By the Bell's AC Slater, Mario Lopez.

In 1998, she played a supporting role in a WB series, Felicity for two years. Since it was on WB, I assume it was either a drama about teenagers having sex, or a sitcom starring black people. Either way, the show was cancelled in 2002. Some other notable TV work for her include doing voice work for Disney's Hercules cartoon series, as well as the starring role in the 1999 TV movie, Sweetwater, about the opening band at Woodstock.

Right now, she has joined the cast of a Lifetime drama series either called The Division or Heart of the City, I can't tell which. The show centers around a bunch of female cops going about their women problems. Since it is on Lifetime, I assume the plot mainly deals with each woman marrying their dream man, then after the honeymoon, finding that he turns out to be a vicious wife beater. Also, there is date rape.

Amy's main passion is the music, and she aspires to make it in the music biz. Check out a couple of pictures of Amy rocking out, and one where she looks all sexy showing her underpants

Amy Jo Johnson Amy Jo Johnson Amy Jo Johnson

Now these biographies are going to get A LOT shorter, because the remaining cast members have had very little work. 

Walter Jones
Walter Jonesplayed Zack Taylor, the Black Ranger

Walter left the show in 1994, along with Austin St. John and Thuy Thang, and whatever shell of an acting career he had before tanked pretty quickly afterward. It is a little know fact that this was the guy who played Harlan Band on the 1996 Nickelodeon show Space Cases. Did you know that? I didn't until I began researching for this article. That is some crazy fucking information. Spaces Cases was cancelled after less than a year on the air. Man that show was awesome.

That same year, Walter landed a role on the Saved by the Bell-esque show Malibu Shores, which was cancelled after just ten episodes. 

Not to be undeterred by the stench of failure, Walter continued acting. He has guest starred on Family Matters, The Parent 'Hood, In the House, Moesha, and such whiter shows as Early Edition, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, NYPD Blue, and a few episodes of The Shield, including the pilot.

Space Cases

Austin St. John
Austin St. Johnplayed Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger

After leaving the show in 1994, I can only assume he either moved back in with his parents or became a hobo, because I haven't found any details for work he has done since then that wasn't on the Power Rangers.

He returned to the Power Rangers for a few months in 1996, during the Zeo series, as the Gold Zeo Ranger. He briefly came back yet a gain a year later during the Turbo Ranger series. His last appearance on the Power Rangers was in 2002, when he reprised himself as the original Red Ranger for the episode "Forever Red." Finally, the producers told him to stop loitering around the set everyday and go home. 

For one single instance of non Power Ranger work, in 1998, he was in a movie called Expose, which while I have never seen, I believe must be unbelievably funny because it is supposed to be really bad.

Hey check out this picture of Austin as the Black Zeo Ranger. It's fucking ridiculous that getup. 

Austin St. John

Update 4/17/06: There is a rumor floating that St. John is doing gay porn, but that rumor appears to be false and he is most likely working regular jobs now such as trying to sell time shares.

Thuy Trang
Thuy Trangplayed Trini Kwan, the Yellow Ranger

Thuy left the show in 1994. Her only other acting work afterward were appearances on two 1996 movies--some shitty Crow sequel I never saw, but everyone on the internet hates, and Leslie Nielsen's Spy Hard, which was awesome because Mr. T appeared in that movie as a helicopter pilot. So, Thuy might have met Mr. T. Rock on. 

That's all the acting work she did. I don't know how she managed to earn money then since two small roles in failed movies can't pay that well. She must have opened up a dry cleaners or restaurant or grocery shop of some sort.

Sadly, Thuy died in a car crash while driving on a freeway in California on September 3, 2001, when she collided with another car driven by Angela Nguyen. This accident should serve as yet another tragic reminder that Asians cannot drive.

David Yost
David Yostplayed Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger

David hung on to the Power Ranger gig for longer than anyone except David Jason Frank. Eventually the producers took away his character's Ranger powers as a hint for him to get off of the show, which he did at the end of 1996. Since then, he hasn't really done any acting except for a small part as a Playboy photographer for the 2000 TV movie, After Diff'rent Strokes: When the Laughter Stopped. Even though that had to have been an awesome TV movie, it wasn't enough to win Yost any more casting calls.

Besides on screen work, David has done some stage acting. And by "some" I think it is actually "one instance of."  The only play I could find that he did was called Fallen Guardian Angels, in 2002. The cast and crew of that play managed to raise over $12,000 for children 12 and under who have AIDS. 13 year olds with AIDS can go to hell as far as Billy the Blue Ranger is concerned. 

He was also the associate producer for Fox's Temptation Island in 2001. So how about that?