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Snake Plissken and Captain Ron: the Same Person?

Snake Plissken Captain Ron

A note about the pictures: This was the best one I could get of Captain Ron without having to subscribe to a pornography website. Oddly enough, if you do a Google image search for Captain Ron several porn sites come up.

The other night was Kurt Russell movie night. So I went to the vault and chose the classic film Captain Ron, and something weird happened. The longer I watched the hilarious antics of Kurt Russell and Martin Short, the more I thought about the film Escape From New York. Now that wasn't the unusual thing, I often think about Escape From New York when I'm watching other movies, or am at work, or when I am doing anything else ever. The weird thing was the similarities between Kurt Russell's characters. Both Captain Ron and Snake Plissken have many similarities. They are so similar that I would go as far to say that they are the same person. That's right, you heard it hear people: two of the most famous movie icons of all time are one in the same, and of course by most famous movie icons of all time, I mean two characters from movies that I like and most people have never seen.

A little info on these two film classics: Captain Ron is about Steve Martin inheriting a boat. He and his family decide to sale around the Caribbean, but none of them know how to sail, so they hire Captain Ron to be in charge of sailing and navigation. However, Captain Ron turns out to be quite the card. He drinks, gambles with children, and isnít very good at sailing.  hen Ron goes too far, and Steve Martin is forced to fire him.  Then thereís an incident with pirates (you know itís a good movie if it has pirates) and Captain Ron comes to the rescue, showing that although he may be unorthodox and rough around the edges, he really cares, and you can trust him.  A truly spectacular film.

Escape From New York is an entirely different film. In this one, New York has been converted into a giant jail. Why they chose New York rather then an area that isn't an important city is never explained. Things are fine until the president's plane is hijacked and crashes into New York. The president was on his way to some sort of meeting having to do with nuclear weapons, or power, maybe. Unless the president is rescued within 24 hours China and Russia are going to blow America up. Unfortunately, there isnít anybody capable of infiltrating New York- or so it seems. Former marine and current outlaw Snake Plissken has just been captured. He is sent into New York to save the president; if he does he will receive a full pardon. There is a twist though, if he doesn't do it within the 24 hour time period, some tablets that a doctor placed in his neck explode. If he gets out with the president and the president's briefcase, then the tablets will be neutralized, and Snake will be a hero.  Snake goes through intense brief taking adventure, and pitfalls. He meets old allies, and makes new enemies; he even gets to fight Issac Hayes. Eventually Snake escapes New York with the president, but double crosses him in a shocking twist that is as surprising as it is unexpected. I donít want to give it away but let's just say the president was not happy. 

So Snake has just betrayed America in a way that will most likely lead to nuclear war, what does he do now?  Well, flee the country of course, and what place is better to flee to then a small island in the Caribbean?  He could hang low, work on his tan, maybe learn how to surf. Of course, he couldn't keep his old name; the feds would be all over him. So he changed it to Ron, and the only thing that was all over him was the ladies. 

Fast forward seven years.

Ron is hired to charter the Harvey family on their zany trip through the Caribbean. He doesnít want to do anything to give away his identity. The only thing he tells any of them about his past is that he was in the military, and that he has battled modern day pirates on more then one occasion. At the end of the film Martin writes in his journal that it is Captain Ron's first visit to U.S. soil in seven years because of the statute of limitations. They never say what crime he committed, but as you know now, it was betraying the president and nearly causing World War III. The movie ends with the Martin family choosing to keep on sailing rather then selling their boat, and Captain Ron gets hired by two new people who he takes out into the sea and nearly kills by driving the boat into an Ocean Liner. 

Here is where Escape From LA comes in. I'm not going to give an outline of this movie since it is pretty much the same as Escape From New York. In the beginning of the movie when they are brining Snake into the detention center they say he was arrested for illegal gun fighting in New Las Vegas, Philippines. What must have happened was Captain Ron and his two new customers sailed to the Philippines, while having many wacky adventures. Like Captain Ron would be sailing, and he drops his beer, so he bends over to get it and the boat goes off course, or Captain Ron forgets to untie the boat from the dock and takes off and drags a piece of dock into the sea. Eventually they get to New Las Vegas, and something bad goes down. Somebody, most likely some sort of crime lord sees through Captain Ron's charade, and they figure out he is really Snake. So they go after Snake. Snake is able to use his top notch combat skills to fight them off, and he goes on the offensive blowing up the crime lordís crime base. It all ends on the streets of New Las Vegas when Snake and the Crime Lord himself face off. Snake comes out the victor, but is unable to make his escape from the police. They recognize who he is, and ship him to the LA detention center so that he can be shipped to the prison. However, the presidentís daughter has to be saved and they know Snake is the only person who can do it.

And thatís why Captain Ron and Snake Plissken is the same person.

Summery: Why they are the Same Person:

They both have eye patches and long hair
They both sound the same
They both were in the military
They are both very crafty
They both are very knowledgably in the fields of firearms and survival
Snake had to be somewhere between Escape from New York and Escape From LA
Captain Ron is on the run from the law, just like Snake
Captain Ron never talks about his past, perhaps because he doesnít want to reveal his secret identity
You never see the two of them together
They are both really cool
Both characters were played by Kurt Russell
Both movies are 99 minutes long