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Movie Script: The Black Wind

Luke Spalding - main character, martial arts super star
Julia - Lukeís girlfriend
Director Howard - director of the film "The Shadow of Justice"
Wise Sensei - karate master
John Rock - Lukeís best friend and fellow actor
Yamato Korshumi - leader of the Black Wind
Ryo-Yamatoís right hand man
Takua-trained assassin
Reporter - reports news
Announcer - announces things
Thugs - they fight
Mysterious man

Camera pans over martial arts memorabilia, weapons pictures and stuff like that while the opening credits appear on screen, music appropriate to the situation is playing. The camera stops on a picture of Luke holding nun chunks. Fades from the picture to close up of thug1ís face. He is giving a ninja cry. Thug1 rushes towards the camera, camera zooms out and we see thug1 is running towards Luke. Thug1 punches at Lukeís head with his left hand, Luke blocks punch with forearm and punches thug1 with his opposite hand. Thug1 goes down. Thug2 comes from side, performs a round kick at Lukeís head. Luke ducks and punches thug2 in stomach and kills him. Thug3 comes from opposite side with a sword, swings at Luke. Luke dodges and skip kicks thug3. Thug3 goes flying. Luke looks into the camera

Announcer: This Summer Luke Spalding is THE SHADOW OF JUSTICE

Fade to black

Fades back in

Luke is exciting a car with Julia. A crowd is gathered around but is being held back by roadblocks or security guards or something. A reporter runs up to Luke.

Reporter: Luke can I ask you a few questions

Luke: of course

Reporter: What can you tell us about this new movie THE SHADOW OF JUSTICE?

Luke: This movie is the story of a man who has the courage to stand up against the evil band of Japanese bandits The Black Wind.

Reporter: Is it true that the Black Wind is a real group of warriors from Japanese

Luke: Yes it is, in ancient times they robbed and pillaged the Japanese peasants.

Reporter: would you say that the movie accurately portrays the group?

Luke: I think so, they were just a bunch of thieves and cowards, and the movies portrays them like that.

Julia: Luke you better go your going to be late.

Luke: Okay let's go

Reporter: thank you for your time

Luke: Youíre welcome

Luke and Julia walk away


Luke enters his home it is dark he turns on the light. Takua grabs Luke and puts him into an arm bar. Ryo and Yamato enter the room.

Ryo: ha ha look at the great Luke Spalding withering in pain

Luke: Whatís going on who are you

Yamato: You have insulted the honor of The Black Wind so we have come here to extract our revenge.

Luke: What are you talking about

Yamato: Your films portray you as the greatest martial artist in the world, so lets see how you do in a real fight.

Takua releases Lukes arm.

Luke: If your looking for trouble, then youíve found it

Luke punches, Yamato blocks the punch and pushes Lukeís arm away, he then chops Luke in the back of the head. Luke falls to his knees, Yamato crescent kicks Luke rolls out of the way and gets back up. Luke rushes towards Yamato, who kicks Luke in the stomach and then in the face causing Luke to go flying back against the wall.

Yamato: Just as I thought the great martial arts star is nothing but a sham. Ryo go get the girl

Ryo goes into another room and comes out with Julia who is tied up

Julia: Luke save me

Ryo: quiet you slaps Juilia

Luke: NOOOOOO gets up and runs towards Julia. Takua kicks Luke in head and knocks to the ground

Yamato: Lets leave this pathetic man

They walk Luke slowly gets up and scrambles out the door. He then falls to his knees


Fade to black

Montage of police cars driving, and Luke talking to police and police takeing clues and stuff like that. Dramatic music is playing


Cut to a restaurant Luke is sitting there, his clothes are wrinkly and he looks distraught. In walks John Rock, he comes and sits down

John: You donít look to good Luke

Luke: Would you look good if you were in my situation?

John: I guess I wouldnít.

Luke: No you wouldnít

John: Do you think the police will be able to catch the kidnapers.

Luke: I donít know man they donít have any clues (starts crying) god why, why did they have to take her away

Mysterious man emerges from the shadows

Mysterious man: I can help you get her back Luke

Luke: How?

Mysterious Man: Every 10 years the Black Wind has a karate tournament, and the prize is a beautiful women. This year that woman is Julia.

John: Those monsters

Luke: slams fist against table I must stop them

Mysterious Man: And you will. Here is a map, it will bring you to a karate master. He will teach you the ways of Ninjitsu. Gives Luke a map

Luke: thank you

Mysterious man: Now I must be off disappear

 Luke: But who are you

John: Come on Luke lets go find this old man

Luke: No, I must do this myself


Some music plays, Like is shown walking around a wooded area. Eventually he comes upon a small shack with Wise Sensei meditating outside of it

Luke: finally I have found you, you must help me

Wise Sensei: Who says that I will help you

Luke: You have to help me I need to learn Ninjitsu

Wise Sensei: You are too brash and reckless you will never be able to learn.

Luke: How can you say that, you donít even know me

Wise Sensei: I have seen you in you movies you may look good to the untrained eye, but I know you are nothing but a fake

Luke: Please you must help me I need to save my girlfriend Julia she was kidnapped

Wise Sensei: I care not for your family squabbles

Luke: but she was kidnapped by THE BLACK WIND

Wise Sensei: WHAT!!!! Let me see what you got

sensei jumps up and kicks. Luke ducks. Sensei karate chops at Lukeís head but he blocks it. Luke punches at Sensei, who dodges and kicks Luke in the stomach. He then kicks Luke in the face, Luke dodges and kicks at Sensei who counters and kicks Luke in the head, knocking him to the ground

Wise Sensei: You have promise; we shall start you training tomorrow at sunrise.

The next morning

Luke: Sensei when will I be ready to fight

Wise Sensei: When you are ready, you will know you are ready. Now lets get sweaty

Montage of Luke training, at first he is failing and Sensei yells at him or something but then Luke starts doing better and better until he actual starts succeeding. Then at the end he runs up a hill and celebrates his fitness. There should be some scenes in the montage when the music gets quiet and the audience hears Sensei talking to Luke and stuff like that but I donít feel like writing those in so they will have to be improvised

Wise Sensei: Today you have completed you training, and I must say you are much better then I ever thought you would be

Luke: Thank you Sensei, I will miss you a lot

Wise Sensei: This is no time to get sentimental. Go it is time for you to save your women and prove that you are a man

Luke: I will never forget you runs off into the woods

Cut to the outside of a building, Thailand appearson screen to inform us what country this is. Luke comes running on screen, and enters the building. Inside is where the fighting arena is there is a man at a desk.

Luke: Iím here to sign up for the tournament.

Dante: Okay what is your name?


Dante: Okay let me write this down, alright lets see, Luke SpaBWHAT the famous actor.

Luke: Thatís right, and you can tell the other fighters point finger that I wonít be taking it easy on them walks out Luke is in a hotel room lying on the bed thinking of Julia. There is a knock at the door. Warily he gets up, walks to the door and throws it open ready for a fight, but is surprised to find John there.

John: Luke hugs him

Luke: John what are you doing here?

John: You didnít think I was going to let you fight with out me in your corner did you?

Luke: You shouldnít be here it could get dangerous.

John: Iím here for you, Luke, and Julia.

Luke: Youíre a good friend.

John: Hey your not that bad of one yourself

they embrace again scene ends

Scene opens in the fighting arena. It is full of people this time. Luke is sitting in a chair and John is massaging his shoulders. Luke is wearing a gi, John I wearing a sweat suit

John: Come on Luke stay calm you can take this guy

Luke: I can do this

John: You can do this


John: Are you ready?

Luke: Iím ready

John: Youíre ready


John: Then go get him

Luke: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH jumps out of the chair, runs to the fighting area

Cut to another part of the room where Yamato, Ryo and Takua are standing

Yamato: Who is Luke Spalding fighting

Ryo: He is scheduled to face The Mighty Hybuasha in the first round

Yamato: Good Hybuasha will surely beat himÖbeat him to death hahahaha

Ryo and Takua join in the laughter. Cut back to Luke who is standing in the fighting area across from Hybuasha

Hybuasha: Little Hollywood man, are you ready to face off against a real fighter

Luke: I sure am, will you tell me when you see one

Hybuasha: You will die for that insult

They fight Luke wins John runs up to Luke after the fight

John: That was great

Luke: I may have won this round, but I doubt its going to get any easier Action packed music starts playing. A montage of footage of Luke beating people up is interwoven with footage of Takua brutally beating his opponents, judges marking a bracket of fighters, the crowd, and Yamato reacting to the fights

John: I donít believe it your in the finals

Luke: I might be in the finals, but now I must fight Takua, and he is the strongest fighter here. Iím not sure if I can do it

Wise Sensei walks up behind Luke

Wise Sensei: of course you can beat him

Luke: Sensei you came to see me fight Wise Sensei: Of course I did, do you think I would just ignore my star pupilís biggest fight of his life. Now go out there and win

Luke: Yes sir

Luke runs off. John looks over at Wise Sensei

John: Who the hell are you?

Cut to the fighting area Luke is standing across from Takua they are staring into each others eyes, the bell rings and they fight Luke wins.

Yamato: I will not stand for this get him Ryo.

Ryo pulls out a ninja sword and rushes at Luke.

Wise Sensei: Luke catch throws a ninja sword at Luke. A spectacular sword fight takes place. Luke wins.

Luke: I have won now give me back Julia

Yamato: You still have to beat me Luke.

Walks up to Luke and they both go into a ninja stance and stare at each other. Close up on Lukeís face, then close up on Yamatoís face. Camera pulls back so that we can see them both. Yamato strikes Luke, Luke blocks it and punches Yamatoís stomach Yamato grabs Lukeís fist and raises it over his head and kicks Luke a few times. Luke then kicks Yamato, then he grabs Yamatoís arm, turns around and flips Yamato over his shoulder. Yamato land on his back, gets up and the two of them circle each other. Luke sidekicks, Yamato grabs his leg and twists it so Luke turns over in the air and lands on the ground. Yamato jumps in the air and attempts to knife hand Luke, Luke rolls out of the way and jumps up. Yamato is still on his knees, Luke kicks him in the face Yamato rolls back with the kick and get up. Yamato skip kicks towards Luke. Luke leans back and dodges, then punches Yamato in the stomach, then chops him his neck. Yamato goes to the ground and doesnít get up. Luke raises his hands in triumph and turns away from Yamato.

Camera focuses on Wise Sensei who point at the camera

Wise Sensei: Look out

Luke looks behind himself. Ryo and a bunch of generic martial artists are behind him.

Ryo: He has killed our leader for this he must be destroyed

Wise Sensei: Do not worry, I will stand beside you

John: So will I

Large fight scene takes place, kind of like the ones in the old Batman show when they just put the camera in a position that it covered the entire room and all the people run around fighting. Luke and his group knock everybody out and some run away.

Close up on Luke

Luke: Now to get Julia

Cut to a room Julia is tied to a chair in the middle of the room. Luke breaks down the door and comes in

Luke: Julia I have come to save you

Julia: Luke I knew you would come

Fade to black

Luke, Julia, and John are sitting on a patio drinking from cups with little umbrellas in them.

Julia: I canít believe this is all finally over, but what if they come back for me

Luke: There is no need for worry, if they come back I will just have to give them little taste of this flexes arm, everybody laughs. Wise Sensei comes into the scene

Wise Sensei: What the hell are you doing John it is time for your training.

Luke: John you are training under Wise Sensei

John: Yes he is and he is slacking I am going to have to work him twice as hard now

John gets out of the chair and runs towards the camera, Wise Sensei kicks him in the but and everybody but John laughs, the screen freezes like they do at the end of MacGyver. Ending credits roll