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[Editor's Note: We have received another article from Jason Mewes. It was written on a series of paper bags and was barely legible. Our unpaid intern, who applied here by mistake and is under the impression that Dumb Baby makes shoes, has spent the last two weeks deciphering it. Enjoy.]

Snoochy boochies

One time I was waiting for this guy Tito to bring me some stuff if you catch my drift and was standing in front of a building and Kevin came up and was like Hey I am glad you came I didn't know if you got my message, I think we will have some fun doing these commentaries. I don't know what he was talking about but I went with him since he might put me in another movie and I didnít have any money to give to Tito anyways. Now Tito wants to cut off my thumb but I have him fooled into thinking I got killed by Pedro Santos. In the building Kevin was there and so was Jeff and coach Dante. Hi coach Dante I said and he said stop calling me that we did that episode four years ago. Okay coach Dante I said. There were also some other fuckers who I don't know who they were but one said I was looking good and the other said some shit about Kim Possible. I don't know who she is but she sounds like a fine ass skank just like I likes them. Then we watched that kickass cartoon we made and them fuckers kept talking but I was trying to pay attention because it had like confusing shit and stuff like why am I talking about that you know I like easy shows like the wiggles that shit is sweet they all rock out and shit like some sort of fucking shit rock out fucking fuckers. Those guys should go on tour I would party with them and we all would get some hot ass pussy. I would take that bitch over here and go uuhhhh uhhhh and give her my pride all over her face yeah that's right bitch let me come all over your face you better lick that shit off oh yeah let me get some of that yeah all right. Kevin took me Jeff and coach Dante to a restaurant, them other fuckers were there to and there was this gay ass karaoke thing for fags but I sang Afternoon Delight with Kevin and we had a blast. I drank a bunch and Kevin let me sleep in his place. The next day I was suppose to leave but I didn't and he left and I ate a bunch of bananas and took a huge shit and then left because the toilet broke and I didn't want Kevin to be mad at me. His wife saw me and asked about the toilet but I punched her face and ran. No bitch is going to come between me and my friends. Bros before hoes. Man bros before hoes.