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On a rare occasion, I still receive email relating to My Where Are They Now? article about the Power Ranger actors, written over a year ago. These emails tend to be overwhelming angry at me for having the audacity to not like the children's show they devote their "adult" lives to. That article really stirs up the passion of people whom don't seem to have much else to do. And since I seem incapable of writing articles that aren't Power Ranger centered anyway, I have decided to share a couple of these angry emails.

Subject: Dumb Baby--power rangers article

you are a dumb redneck skinhead who should die! this is a horrible website that says very mean things! you probably live in the middle of nowhere and tried to be an actor, but failed. These people are better than you'll ever be. you are a piece of scum! Have a horrible life I hope you die soon--a slow and painful death!

Much Hate

-Don't Worry About It

I don't know about you, but I think Katina88 may not like me. She nailed me too, I'll never be as good as group of people with limited acting skills whose notoriety comes from playing wacky teenagers in between clips of Japanese fighting one another on a kid's show from ten years ago. Shame on me for ever thinking I could do something better than that.

From: "slackbabbath"
Subject: Dumb Baby

I really enjoy your site and I'm sure you have but was just wondering if you had seen this pic.

Random Power Ranger Picture

Can't save that I have seen this photo before. But kudos to for keeping up on photos that look like Power Rangers kissing, which the mainstream corporate media has decided to ignore.

Ok, I don't know what that is all about, and that guy seems to like us. Moving on.

From: "Charles Adams"
Subject: N/A

Hey I just wanted to tell you I read your article called Where Are The Power Ranger Actors Now? An I must say that is the most bull shit article I've ever read. you really don't know shit do you and I'm a huge fan of the crow movies accept the 3rd one salvation which did suck but how can you say a movie you never seen is shitty? ooo wait that's right you based it off what people said on the internet about the movie lol I find that sort of following the crowd thinking to be pathetic. You should base your judgments off experience not hear say or as the internet is concerned read say. I also found this article riddled with ignorance especially the disrespectfu yet stereotype conment you made about Thuy Trang saying she must have opened up a dry cleaners or restaurant or grocery shop of some sort. aswell as This accident should serve as yet another tragic reminder that Asians cannot drive. I just would like to know what makes you an expert on a person's driving or is this yet another example of your pathetic ranting as much of this unprofessional article is. Other things you typed in this article I didnt agree with either but after reading it I can assume you must be a redneck peice of shit who has never made it in life. hahaha

Now Ive said what I've wished to say to you have a nice day you sad pathetic existance.

Oh, Charles Adams, you nailed me. How dare I not like a terrible movie. Please don't come after me with your vampiric soul. I don't want your vampiric soul to attack me with shitty poetry. I bet you have an awesome collection of capes too.

Charles even sent a picture of himself to intimidate me and show he means business.

Charles Adams

I wouldn't say I'm scared by this. I do feel uneasy.

But I get it, I must have never made it in life, whatever that means. And I'll certainly never amount to the level of a Power Ranger actor, a noble group of individuals who have accomplished so very much in being part of a show still beloved by shut ins everywhere, and have gone onto unparallel glory.

I am a sad panda.

Before I go kill myself for being nothing, I'll just check out this last email. Then I'll end my pathetic existence. Right after the email.

From: Jared J
Subject: Dumb Baby

I just read the page you have on the original cast of the Power Rangers. I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas where I went to a timeshare presentation for Westgate Properties and Austin St. John, the red ranger, was one of the salesmen who told my wife and I that was his claim to fame. You wrote in the article that you didnt know where he went, hope this info helps. He is now selling timeshare real estate in Las Vegas, and very pushy I might add.

Well check that out. Who knew a living legend such as the Red Ranger would find himself trying to sell timeshare?. How is he not working on his latest box office hit? I liked that he bragged about being on the Power Rangers. Maybe he was hoping Jared was a fan, but the fact that this man managed to find a wife should have told him otherwise.

Now I feel better. Turns out if you can complete a college degree, you've already made it much farther than a Power Ranger actor. And if you've ever kissed a girl you've made it farther than a Power Ranger fan.

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