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The Quotable Mike O'Malley

Mike O'MalleyYou were lost in the Bermuda Triangle on that one.

You're going to cook up that raw chicken unless you want some serious salmonella from that!

We'll go to Mo for the rules. MO!


No ifs ands or buts, these kids go GUTS. DO YOU HAVE IT?


Then they're going to jump into this pool where they'll say hello to Joe. Hey Joe.

Aquaman. Oh...yeah.

I am on FIRE!

I hope she shops for a bathing suit for our next event.

We'll have fun fun fun while we paddle our way across the pool.

Not to sink, not to swim, to stay afloat.


A late night swim habit? That might help her in out next event.

Let's see if Melissa can amaze through our maze.

Captain Marvel? All right.

Star light star bright, first starfish I see tonight!

Mike I'm tired of your silly comments I'm going to take dip in the pool.

Gloria Estefan...Gloria Estefan...yes it is. Poor Gloria.

And that's the munchkin man. Let's check out where we stand.

We've got a harness and a paddle and three very tough kids.

[Woody Woodpecker laugh] puts you at one fifty.

Oh that was beautiful! Things that can be put out!

The eyes...the eyes...the eyes of Eddie Murphy.

The big lame-o. That's how it goes for the judge!

Those 20 more points don't stink or stunk!

That would have been a funky baseball bat, wouldn't it have been?