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A Week with the Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Tuesday is party day in space.

The Chile Peppers get in their X-Wings and blast off.

Flying through space they spy something.

What is it?



PROTON TOPREDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Chile Peppers have disabled the ship. Its time to board.

They look for the members of Weezer who are all hiding.

They find Brian Bell hiding in a laundry hamper. They consume his soul.

Scott Shriner was hiding in the shower. They flush him down the toilet.

Patrick Wilson was in the gay porn room. He didn't even know that The Red Hot Chile Peppers had boarded the ship, he was so consumed with gay porn.

They make quick work of him.

Weezer is almost destroyed, but where is Rivers Cuomo?

There he is, he was hiding in a ceiling tile!

He's making a run for it, stop him Flea.

Flea pulls out the bass and starts playing Roller Coaster of Love. The funky tunes knock Rivers to the ground. The Chile Peppers are able to catch up to him.

Why are you attacking us, and why are you naked?

We are here to stop you from making shitty music you mother fucker.

Now you will die as we stick our vibrating penises into your ear and explode your brain.

RUN FROM THE EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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