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Real Chuck Norris Facts

There's a lot of punks out there who think its funny to make thing up about Chuck Norris. You may have even seen some of these so called "facts" on the web. Now I will admit some of them are funny and a few are even clever, but this fad has gone on way to long. When my mother is aware of an internet fad it's time for it to end. Besides who needs made up facts when the man himself is so compelling? So I present to you real Chuck Norris facts.

According to Chuck Norris's website when you think of Chuck Norris, you either immediately think action movie star or television star, for his long-running CBS television series, Walker, Texas Ranger. This is true.  Try as you might you can not immediately think of anything else

Chuck Norris is an avid author with many books under his belt, such as Against All Odds: My Story, The Secret Power Within, and Toughen Up! The Chuck Norris Fitness System. Look for his latest literary masterpiece, The Justice Riders, in all finer book stores.

Real Chuck Norris FactsIf you buy a Total Gym you get a free Chuck Norris poster.

In 1990 Chuck Norris started the Kick Drugs Out of America program in an attempt to kick drugs out of America. He has since expanded the scope of the program to include character building, life-skills program, and martial arts. The name was changed simply to Kickstart.

Chuck Norris is aware of the made up facts about him that are circulating the web. He thinks some are "funny" and others "are pretty far out." He hopes that these facts will prompt young people to find out more about him and check out some of his novels.

Chuck Norris is a six-time undefeated World Professional Middle Weight Karate Champion.

CReal Chuck Norris Factshuck Norris is a faithful Christian.

Chuck Norris is a martial artist teacher to the stars, his pupils include Steve McQueen, Bob Barker, Priscilla Presley and Donnie & Marie Osmond.

Chuck Norris does motivational speaking for Christian Ministries.

In 1968, Chuck fought and won the World Professional Middle Weight Karate championships. He held that title until 1974 when he retired undefeated.

In 1968, Chuck Norris was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Fighter of the Year. In 1975, he was inducted as Instructor of the Year and in 1977, Chuck received the honor of Man of the Year.

In 1997 Chuck Norris became the first man in the Western Hemisphere to be awarded an 8th degree Black Belt Grand Master recognition in the Tae Kwon Do system.

Real Chuck Norris FactsReturn of the Dragon is Chuck Norris's first feature film appearance.

His latest film is the award winning Bells of Innocence.

Walker, Texas Ranger ran from 1993 until 2001.

Lone Wolf McQuade is the second coolest movie title ever. The coolest movie title is The Octagon.

For a period in the 1980s my Dad looked just like Walker Texas Ranger. He had the hair, beard, hat, cowboy boots, everything.

This one girl I know is related to Chuck Norris. I didn't believe her until she called her mom and had her mom yell at me for awhile until I believed her. Because I doubted that they were related to him I am no longer welcome in their house.

Chuck Norris believes that "When one door closes, a bigger one opens."

Chuck Norris has two sons and a daughter. His daughter is a fourth degree black belt.

Chuck Norris not only endorses the Total Gym, but uses it as well.

The Chuck Norris official chat room is closed due to abuse.

Chuck Norris is the founder and President of United Fighting Arts Federation with over 2,300 black belts all over the world.

1991, Chuck Norris with his team and sponsor "Popeye Chicken" won the World Off Shore Powerboat championships. Then he went on to setting a new world record by racing a 38 foot Scarab boat 605 miles across the Great Lakes, from Chicago to Detroit, in 12 hours and 8 minutes.

Chuck Norris was asked how he would like to be remembered. His answer was as a Humanitarian.

Real Chuck Norris FactsChuck Norris has brought in over two billion dollars for United Way.

Top Dog, despite starring Chuck Norris, is horrible.

Chuck Norris is in the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.

"Eyes of a Ranger," the Walker Texas Ranger theme song, won a BMI Music Television award.

Chuck Norris won the Jewish Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Chuck Norris's father was an alcoholic. Because of this Chuck Norris does not drink very often.

After high school Chuck Norris entered the air force.

Chuck Norris was introduced to the Martial Arts when he was stationed in Korea.

In 1975, Chuck Norris said, "If you are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared, 'you'll win'".

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Real Chuck Norris Facts