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Go Go Gay Ranger

Remember back when Billie made that article about where the Power Rangers are now? If you recall Billie didn't have any information on what Austin St. John a.k.a. the Red Ranger has been doing since he left Power Rangers? Well the mystery of how he makes money has been solved, thanks to a faithful reader named Jennifer B. Here is a copy of the email she sent me.

hey yall

um, so i love you various articles on the power rangers and today i stumbled upon a little gem of info that i figured you might enjoy...

as it seems, Austin St. John AKA The Red Ranger has gotten himself a new role... as gay porn bodybuilder "Brock"

here are some links of evidence... or enjoyment... whatever floats your boat:

all of these come from the LJ community Oh No They Didn't

Spinner Rocks My Box,

Go ahead and click on the first link

Ha ha you clicked on gay porn…fag.

Its true though, the Red Ranger is now a gay porn star, that's not all. According to the bio from the first site he "is a personal trainer and the manager of a gym" he also "absolutely loved spreading his cheeks for the camera to show off his lightly hairy hole" If the banner of the website is accurate, he is also a straight boy who loves unloading. Unloading what you ask, given the site there are a few possibilities that come to mind, but I don't really want to get into it further.

The second link goes to a site where they have given this topic some more investigation. Turns out it isn't actually confirmed that this is the Red Ranger, but speculation is running rapid. It is believed that after Power Rangers Austin St. John eventually got a job as a personal trainer at Gold's Gym in Herndon, Virginia. This ties in with Brock's story of being a personal trainer. There is also a word that St. John starred in the movie Laguna Beach: A Love Affair under the pseudonym Jason Cutler. This is similar to a name he supposedly used when attending school, Jason Geiger. However a visit to Lagua Beach's IMDB page does not list him in the credits.

So the real question is this true, or some sort of internet mix up. To be truthful, I'm not sure. Internet searches find sites that both confirm and deny the rumor. A visit to Wikipedia gave me a link to an in depth investigation by a website called QueerClick. Go ahead and click on the link, it's a pretty interesting read.

Ha ha you clicked on gay porn again.

Basically that doesn't say much more then what's been covered before. It does feature some pictures of the two, and I must say they look the same. It mentions that Brock is taller then Austin St. John's IMDB page says, but you know people can lie. There's also ways to make somebody look taller, you know like platform shoes or drugs or something.

So is the Red Ranger a gay porn star? Probably, sure the evidence neither confirms or denies it completely, but come on this guy hasn't had any other job in the last eight years. If he isn't doing guys on camera then he's doing them beyond some bar in Malibu.

Some groovy cat named nahimanatane posted this picture on the Ohnotheydidn't discussion featured in the second link in the email. I no longer even care if this is the Red Ranger, this picture is hilarious. Now no matter what he is doing now people will think he is Gay 4 Pay.

Red Power Ranger in Gay Porn