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The Red Power Ranger Probably Doesn't Suck Cock for a Living

As many readers know, Dumb Baby has been at the forefront of investigating whether Austin St. John, the original Red Power Ranger, is now a gay porn star. A few weeks ago, Johnny filed this report looking at the gay porn allegations. While we would like to believe St. John really is taking it up the butt for money, I recently received an email that says otherwise.

Date: 4/11/2006
From: David S
Subject: Austin St. John

You wrote an article entitled "Where are the Power Rangers now?" and you mentioned that you could not find any resources on Austin St. John.

I had the privilige of seeing him at a convention in 2004 and learning about his recent past.

He has his own band that has a rock and mild hip-hop sound. The name doesn't come to my head and it seems that they took their old website down (because I can't find it).

He also does a lot of professional theater-dance.

He used to do some fitness videos and had roles in a few movies (he was in Expose, which was so badly advertised that hardly anyone has ever heard of it or seen it).

When he's not dancing or making music, he goes to conventions as a guest alongside big names from various parts of the entertainment industry.

There has been a rumor floating around the internet that he's doing gay porn under the name "Brock," and many online resources have posted pictures comparing Austin to Brock. I can tell you, after personally meeting Austin, that he is not Brock, the gay bodybuilding porn star. Austin is still just as slim as he was in the Power Rangers, whereas Brock is a mountain of muscle.

Searching for information on Austin is a pain, I know (I ran across your article after hours of research), and I hope my personal account provides more useful information for your supremely humorous articles.

Dave's story supports an earlier email that said St. John was working for a time share company and bragged about his role on the show. So it appears Austin St. John is not working in gay porn. This is sure to disappoint all the Power Ranger fans out there who rushed to buy the gay porn movie because their hero was allegedly in it. Not that this news will make any Power Ranger fan stop watching gay porn.