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Fake Adult Swim Bumps

You know those black and white bumps Adult Swim airs during commercial breaks? Well, I made a few poking fun at Adult Swim. I fixed their little red wagon. But before someone sends me an angry email telling me how gay I am for not appreciating the genius that is InuYasha, I want to point out that I enjoy watching Adult Swim and these digs at them should be taken in good fun. Except for The Oblongs one. Someone should be fucking eaten by a bear until he is dead for deciding to put that on the air.

And by the way, I realize National Lampoon did something like this last year. But they were just angry that more people watch Cartoon Network than read their magazine. Hell, until then I didn't know there was a National Lampoon publication. I thought it was just a company that used to make Chevy Chase movies.

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