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Lando and His Techno Union

This past weekend Lando and His Techno Union played to a sold out crowd in Rio De Janeiro. This concert marks the long awaited return of the band that once shook the world with its fine mixture of rock, funk, rap, and bluegrass. I attended the concert and must say it sounded like they had never stopped. The new guitar player, Chukha-Trok, fit in so well you would never know he wasn't an original member. Mungo Baobab's bass playing was as funky as ever. Lando's singing has actually gotten better since the last album (if you can believe it). All around it was a top notch concert. You could really tell that they were having fun up there. The new songs they debuted were magnificent, and really got the crowd pumping. I have no doubt that Tatooine Days, Hoth Nights will not only be considered the best album of the year, but possibly best album of the millennium.

Lando Calrissian and his backing band His Techno Union first lit the ears of world aflame five years ago with their high velocity album Vaders Coming For Dinner. The album was loved by fans and critics alike. Rolling Stone declared it to be "the greatest album of all time." Fred Shingleton, mayor of Orlando, Florida declared May 16, the date of the albums release, to be a national holiday. The album went quadruple platinum and spent an amazing 231 weeks as #1 on Billboard's Top 100. Four singles from the album, "All the Wookies Party on Kashyyyk", "I'd Rather Fuck a Jawa than Touch Your Rank Pussy", "Yo! Don't Be Messen with No Madalorians", and "Break Out that Jungle Funk", all went to the top of the charts, and "Break Out that Jungle Funk" was the national anthem of The Democratic Republic of the Congo for three months before revolutionaries took the capital, renamed the nation The Republic of Democratic States in the Congo, and changed the national anthem to David Lee Roth's "Yankee Rose."

Lando and His Techno Union soon after released their second album, Battle For Endor, an epic six disk concept album that was greeted with mixed response. Some hailed it as being even better then the original. As Pretentious Music Review Monthly said:

"A beautiful piece of art, not unlike a flower dripping in dew at sunrise. This is the kind of music that makes life worth living. Every single aspect of every single song permeates every nook and cranny of the soul, filling what was once an empty lonely place with pure harmony with one's environment. This album is not only a brilliant retelling of the magnificent battle that occurred against on that forest moon, oh so far away, but it is also a prog rock triumph of near religious proportions."

Other saner critics railed the album as being "too ambitious" and having "way too many tuba solos." While sales were less successful then the original, Battle For Endor still sold well and had hits with "Luke and Leia are Siblings? (Damn They be Making out on Hoth)" and the cult classic "Ewok Rumble."

After the concert in Rio, I was able to get back stage and get a few words with the man himself, Lando Calrissian.

Johnny Dangerous: First I've got to say that was an excellent concert. Its been a few years since you guys did any shows, how did you manage to keep in such good practice?

Are you ready to rock?
Lando Calrissian: We've been playing a lot lately with the new album. With the other ones we weren't always working together as a unit. I would lay down some tracks, then Dash Rendar would come in and do his stuff, you know. We were all working towards the same thing, but in the end we weren't necessarily on the same page. We all had a lot going on and scheduling became a problem. With this album we all got together and worked on every part of every song as a group. Then when it came time to record, we were all in the studio at the same time playing together and just that vibe really helps, not only with making the album sound good, but also with the live shows because there are no surprises. I've been basically playing live with these guys for the last five months, it's just now there's an audience watching.

JD: Speaking of Dash Rendar, his involvement with this album is much more limited than on the last two. Was this his choice or did you want to take the band in a different direction?

LC: First off, I just want to say that Dash is welcome to play with us as much as he wants to. I love his singing, and the things he can do with an autoharp blow me away. It's just that these days he is really busy with his own band, Raiders of Roon. He is really taking that seriously, and it's just too hard for him to be an equal force in both bands.

JD: Does this mean that he won't be playing with you at any concerts?

LC: Ha, well that's just something that we'll have to see.

JD: A lot of fans are split between your two previous albums. Did you try to appeal to one group or the other, or did you want to please all of them?

LC: (laughing) Well hopefully this is an album that everybody likes.

JD: Yeah, maybe I worded that wrong. Which of the two previous albums does this one most resemble?

LC: I have got to say that this album is by far our best. It plays on the strengths of our previous albums while minimizing the faults. If you liked either of the last two albums then you will love this one. Everything you loved is back, and anything that you didn't like is gone.

JD: So who exactly would you recommend this album to?

LC: Anybody who loves music.

JD: So which song from the new album would you say is your favorite?

LC: Man, what am I suppose to say here?. It's like you're asking me to pick my favorite child. If I have to make a choice I'd say either "You Belong With Us (In the Clouds)" because it is really a personal song about a woman I once thought I knew, or "Me and Mace are the Only Black People in the Universe" simply because that song rocks out so hard.

A class act all the way.
JD: This may be coming a little quick, but do you have any plans for the next album yet?

LC: (laughing) Come on man, this one isn't out yet and you already want to know about the next one. I can't tell you much because we haven't even begun work yet, but I can tell you there will definitely be a fourth, and there will be more collaborations with other artists. I'm sure Han Solo and Mace will want to lay down some more tracks, but I've also gotten offers from others, such as the legendary blues guitarist Bib Fortuna, and that one Twi'lek with the huge knockers.

JD: I'm sure your anxious to get to the after show party, do you have anything you want to say before you go?

LC: I just want to remind everybody about my charity, The Society for the Preservation of the Red Snouted Nabooian Famba. The group tries to preserve the habitat of the Red Snouted Nabooian Famba, and also makes it so that I don't have to pay taxes, which is even more important.

JD: I thank you for your time.

LC: Hey, no problem.

Award winning musician William Kenneth was brought in to mix several of the tracks. He was able to pull a few strings, and not only got us the official track list for the album, but also got us exclusive previews of some of the songs he worked on. Today the nation salutes you, William Kenneth for all you have done for us.

Track list for Tatoonie Days, Hoth Nights:

1. Hey Chewbacca How You Doin
2. You Belong With Us (In the Clouds)
3. That Wasn't Part of the Deal
4. Me and Mace are the Only Black People in the Universe
5. Darth Vader is a Stone Cold Bastard
6. (I'm Gonna) Sex Up Your Daughter
7. Cloud City Blues
8. Taking All the White Woman
9. Han Drum Solo
10. The Reigns of Nar Shaddaa
11. Mustafarian Knuckle Funk!
12. Wookie What?
13. Yavin is for Lovers (Coruscant is for Fighters)
14. (Do You Remember) The Night We Made Love (song for Lobot)
15. I Can't Believe I Lost the Millennium Falcon in a Game of Pazack
16. Sex Bomb Woman
17. Flying Around in the Middle of the Death Star (Fuck Yeah) (Remix)

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