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Hot Girls with Hitler Moustaches

Christopher WalkenEveryone man has his kink. Some men like girls with big boobs, some men like girls in French maid outfits, some men like girls who dress up as anime characters and drop brown bombs on their chests. Nothing turns me on like hot girls sporting Hitler moustaches. That's what I like.

But I have trouble finding quality Hitler moustache erotica. First off, women are unable to grow moustaches, at least until they reach menopause at which point they are not in nay way attractive. I will go into a porn store and inquire about their Hitler moustache pornography and the clerk will tell me to leave before he calls the police. At this point I munch on some edible underwear and buy up all their Big Black Jugs magazines. There are no hot girls with Hitler moustache sites on the internet either, it as if no one else shares this fetish.

This has left me no other recourse than to create my own hot girls with Hitler moustache erotica by drawing Hitler moustaches on celebrities using Microsoft Paint. I have posted some below. This stuff is hot hot hot.

Shania Twain


Jennifer Lopez


Anna Cornucopia

Alyssa Milano

Angelina Jolie

Amanda Bynes