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Investigating Furries

It seems like nearly everybody on the web have become familiar with the phenomenon known as furries. If you haven't then you should close this window right now and leave the internet forever so that your mind will never become tainted. Furries in a way have changed society. A child's innocence use to be considered lost when the child no longer believed anything is possible. Now a child's innocence is lost when the child realizes that at any moment there could be somebody somewhere dressed like Scooby Doo dry humping another man dressed like a fox.

As we speak people are masturbating to this.

Furries will tell you that there is more to furrism then costumed copulation. They'll tell you that it is a culture based on a love of books, movies, and TV shows which feature anamorphic animals, and that sex is only a minor part of it. They are of course liars who are trying to make themselves look better by minimizing the creepy sex aspect of their organization by pointing out they have other hobbies. They claim the notion they are all about sex is a stereotype, but the same thing can be said about pedophiles. I've seen “To Catch a Predator” on NBC. Every single person on the show says they are only there to talk, but we all know the real reason they showed up, naked hot tub fun and banana drinks.

During one of my many journeys into the bowels of the internet I came upon a sociological survey of furry fandom conducted by David J. Rust. He collected this information from conventions and message boards. It seems to be the most well compiled information on furries in the world, mostly by virtue of being the only compilation of furry information in the world. On his website he explains the conclusions he has drawn from the info, as well as presents the raw data. I think I would be a better analyst than David, since he is a furry, and would benefit by positive conclusions drawn from the data. The only fetish I'm interested in are pictures of pregnant Mexicans on riding lawn mowers, so I'm totally impartial as far as this subject goes. I am going to give the raw data, then what David drew from it, and finally my own conclusion.


Male: (85%)
Female: (15%)

What He Said

Similarly, there are few women in the fandom, although they are better represented than all racial groups, combined.

My Conclusion

No real surprise here. Pretty much any group seems to have more men then women. I don't know how exactly this is possible since roughly half of the population of the world is suppose to be women, but it seems like everywhere aside from ballet classes and Def Leopard concerts are sausage fests. At least everywhere I go other than ballet classes and Def Leopard concerts.

The fact that furries tend to congregate on the internet severely lowers the chance of women joining the movement. Nearly any message board will be 99% male. There is usually one woman, and she always becomes well known on the forum, not for being smart or funny, but because she has a vagina (No boobs though, chicks on message boards are always flat). There is also a good chance she really isn't a woman at all.

Current Residence:

United States: (70%)
Midwest: (6%)
East Coast: (23%)
West Coast: (26%)
Southern: (15%)

Canada: (27%)
Eastern Canada: (20%)
Central Canada: (7%)
Western Canada:

Europe: (3%)

Current Residence City Size:
Rural: (1%)
Small (-10,000): (12%)
Medium (10,000-100,000): (26%)
Large (100,000-250,000): (34%)
Very Large (250,000+): (27%)
Unknown: (9%)

What He Said

How the fuck does a whale fursuit even work? It's going to be hard to swim in, but whales die if they aren't in sea water.

A large number of Furries report living in cities, fairly evenly distributed between the West and EastCoasts of the United States and on the EasternCoast of Canada. The largest numbers seemed to be centered in and around the states of California and New York with the province of Ontario producing similar numbers. Given the size of the cities in these areas and the ready availability to the Internet and other mass communication outlets, this is not surprising.

My Conclusion

You would think that Europe would have a higher percentage of furries since they are usually sexually liberal. Perhaps if the survey had a more international scope Europe would have a higher representation, or maybe lingering memories of Vikings, and their raping ways, have made fur clad sex undesirable.

On the subject of areas where furism is actually present, my conclusion is that the large furry populations in New York, California, and Ontario have little to do with the size of their cities, or the availability of mass communication outlets, and more to do with the fact that these areas are hotbeds for bizarre sexual activities. All three areas are known to contain kinky sex clubs, and high tolerance for odd sexual tastes. A furry in New York will be tolerated as New Yorkers are used to strange things. A furry in small town Middle America is going to get his ass beat, and not in the way that he enjoys either.

Caucasian: (94%)
Native American: (2%)
Other: (1%)
African-American: (2%)
Hispanic: (1%)

What He Said

This may be because of social pressures isolating members of various minority groups from joining the fandom, or there may be elements of the Furry subculture that appeals to Middle Class Caucasians.

My Conclusion

Racial minorities have too much going on to take on life consuming hobbies. They have racial prejudices and rap battles to be concerned about. Meanwhile, white people with disposable incomes have to find someway to kill time until they die. Options range from souping up cars, to collecting baseball cards, to dressing like a squirrel.

Marital Status:
Single: (42%)
Married / Committed Relationship: (30%)
Dating Steadily: (26%)
Group Relationship: (1%)
Never Dated: (1%)

What He Said


My Conclusion

For whatever reason, David decided to skip commenting on this question. Personally I feel that 42% for single seems a little low. I suppose it's because there's no sub option within “Dating Steadily” that reads “Dating Steadily, except she doesn't know it yet.”

“Never Dated” should probably be higher as well. Maybe furries think giving a blow job to a stranger in a hotel elevator at a furry convention counts as a date.

Sexual Proclivity:
Monogamous: (51%)
Polyamorous - practicing: (29%)
Polyamorous - non practicing: (18%)
No Answer: (2%)

What He Said

The social variations for Furries may seem unusual from a generic, American viewpoint. However, from the position of a group of people who are already predisposed to enjoying anthropomorphic animals, other concepts such as homosexuality, hugging or fairly casual approaches towards physicality seem somewhat mundane and unimportant by comparison. Even the near-50% of Furries who are monogamous report a rather non-judgemental attitude towards the public behavior of Furry Fandom in general

My Conclusion

Summing up what David said “Furrism is so weird that things that might bother other people are suddenly a non-issue.” It's true too. Somebody who only has traditional missionary sex with his or her spouse will find homosexual sex an odd thing. A fox having oral relations with a horse will not find homosexuality all that strange, especially since as the statistics tell us, they are probably both guys.

Sexual Orientation:
Heterosexual: (25%)
Bisexual: (48%)
Homosexual: (19%)
Uncertain: (8%)

What He Said

…there are many more homosexual members of the fandom than in general society. However, it is not -in my research- an exact reversal. In fact, between the three classifications of homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual (with "homosexual" encompassing both gay men and lesbians), homosexuality is still in the minority. However, surprisingly, bisexuality makes up an enormous 48% of all Furries responding to the survey.

My Conclusion

Considering that 90% of the furry population is male, it only makes sense for there to be a majority of bisexual and homosexuals. It's a lot like prison. You don't want to have sex with the fat person covered in hair, but its not like you have any other choices, and you gotta have sex with something right?

Zoophile?: (2%)
Plushophile?: (less than 1%)

What He Said

A furry looking for his self respect, unfortunately it has been lost forever.

Nothing. Presumably he just cried because God allows such horrible things to exist.

My Conclusion

From what I understand, a Zoophile is a person attracted to all animals, just not the ones that are anamorphic like furries. These people give a new definition to petting zoo. Plushophiles are people who like to fuck stuffed animals. That almost seems worse then Zoophiles. Sure a Zoophile is committing bestiality, but at least they don't own a semen filled teddy bear.

I hope that these numbers are so low because they are very rare, not just because of shame. It's not surprising that David didn't talk about this considering how these people have got to even creep out furries. Remember that comparison I made earlier about gay sex being weird for a couple who only has missionary sex? Well zoophiles and plushpiles have got to make furries feel like the normal couple that just found out about people who eat poop.

Christian, General: (18%)
Jewish: (5%)
NeoPagan: (20%)
Eastern Philosophy: (1%)
Non-Denominational Theist: (5%)
Agnostic/Undecided: (33%)
Atheist: (10%)

What He Said

Similar to the reasons for why Furries tend to congregate on college campuses, they also seem to practice a wide variety of religious and philosophical beliefs. Many interviewed Furries reported that they became immersed in a wider range of beliefs and views when they first attended college. As a result, while we still see a large percentage of Christians in the subculture, we also see a very large number of NeoPagans and -even moreso- Agnostics and Atheists.

The youngest of the Furries tend towards the Agnostic end of the spectrum, while older Furries seem to have settled in their beliefs ... either embracing Atheism or some other religious system.

My Conclusion

Surprise surprise, most furries are not very religious. Something about sexual deviance and spiritual enlightenment that just don't go together. I don't even consider NeoPagen a religion as much as a loose gathering of people who like dragons and excuses to have a party. “Hey it's the summer solstice, let's get some Captain Morgan and go drink in the field tonight. Make sure to bring the bong that's shaped like a wizard.”

16-17: (5%)
18-22: (26%)
23-28: (26%)
29-35: (26%)
36-40: (10%)
41-45: (6%)
46-50: (1%)

High School / GED: (26%)
Some College/Vo-Tech: (42%)
Bachelors Degree: (20%)
Masters Degree: (9%)
PhD: (3%)

What He Said

Just to let you guys know you don't have to sexualize every single cartoon character in the world. There is no reason to include Slappy Squirrel on you fox riding fetish site.

As it stands, the bulk of Furries seem to have at least a partial college education or are in college, presently. Most of them also report their current occupation as "Student". Given the age range of those answering the survey, it can be assumed that most Furries are either college students or participating in collegiate studies.

My Conclusion

I have to agree with the results here, I guess. Numbers don't lie, and most of the people here claim to be college students. Well, I guess I have met plenty of “college students” who aren't college students as much as they graduated high school and hang out with college students in between their shifts at Hardee's. However, given the direct link between furries and the internet, and how often college students waste time on the internet, then I think its very plausible that most furries are in college.

High schoolers are often on the internet, even more then college students, but living at home means that their parents are able to install healthy amounts of shame, and if that doesn't work there are always kids at school who will implement normal activities into kids with their fists. They would also be unwelcome into furrie society since its illegal to have sex with a person under 18, even if they are of age in dog years.

Artistic: (7%)
Legal Profession: (1%)
Computer Professional: (22%)
Engineer/Technology: (4%)
Scientist/Researcher: (2%)
Management/Business: (10%)
Teacher/Education: (3%)
Service Industry: (15%)
Student: (31%)
Homemaker: (2%)
Unemployed: (3%)

What He Said

If you got a real job instead of being an "artist" then you could afford a less shitty looking costume.

Most of them also report their current occupation as "Student". Given the age range of those answering the survey, it can be assumed that most Furries are either college students or participating in collegiate studies.

My Conclusion

I'm surprised that David didn't examine the results of this question more. All he gives is a small blurb in connection education. It may have to do with the fact that the results don't do much to dispel the myth that furries are nerds and poor. The top five industries furries are involved in are students (unemployed), computer professionals (extremely nerdy), service industry (fast food employees), management/business (own a failed E-business) and artistic (unemployed but own a paint set).

below 10,000: (35%)
10,000 - 20,000: (14%)
20,000 - 30,000: (13%)
30,000 - 40,000: (16%)
40,000 - 50,000: (7%)
50,000 - 75,000: (10%)
75,000 - 100,000: (5%)

What He Said

Also probably due to the age of the average member of Furry Fandom, reported income is rather low. Fully a third of the members interviewed reported incomes lower than the poverty level

My Conclusion

Most furries are pretty poor, which doesn't make sense since they have to go on trips to conventions and buy expensive fur suits. Its kind of like how hardcore Star Wars fans can buy replica light sabers and elaborate costumes but can't even afford dandruff shampoo, or how a model train enthusiast can afford to buy expensive miniatures, but never any pride. Some mysteries simply are unexplainable.

When asked to catalog those interests that members of this subculture regarded as Furry, five distinct categories emerged. Furry activities were largely restricted to 1.) Collecting Artwork, 2.) Writing/Reading Stories, 3.) Attending Group Gatherings, 4.) Chatting Online in Internet Forums and 5.) Creating Furry Art (including costumes, illustrations, paintings or written stories).

What He Said

If you dissect each of these social activities, there is a common bond between them and many other social groups. While many social groups and subcultures may not have much of an interest in expressing themselves in stories or visual art, it is not surprising when they do. Group gatherings are fundamental to all subcultures and collecting subculture-specific memorabillia (in this case, artwork) is common -again- in just about every subculture that exists. In fact, the only unusual expression is the inclusion of Internet usage.

My Conclusion

Aside from creating furry art, that list of activities is similar to that of all people on the internet who are really nerdy and obsessed with some form of fiction. Star Trek fans draw pictures and tell stories about Spock just as much as Power Ranger fans do with Zordon. I believe this shows that furries are also obsessed with some sort of TV show or book series. The two things are probably related, in that the furry is probably obsessed with something with animals in it, and he probably draws pictures and writes stories about the characters fucking. So these are the people you can blame when you try to do an image search for a cartoon series and are assaulted by sexually graphic pictures, or what I call “what nightmares are made of.”

Social Interactions

What He Said

In many subcultures, hand gestures, body language and physical interaction can help identify individual members. Furry Fandom is no different. The most obvious characteristics of behavior amongst Furries -regardless of sexual orientation- are embraces and "skritches".

For definition purposes, a "skritch" is a friendly scratching or "combing" of ones fingers along another person's chest, shoulders, scalp or similar, non-sexual body area. Think of it as similar to skritching a cat behind the ears or a dog, on the sides of its head. While this can also be used in a sexual sense, the most common, open utilization of this greeting is no more sexualized than the shaking of hands. In fact, the mock (or actual) derivation of pleasure -through facial expressions or sounds made while being skritched- also seems to be part of the social exchange. In other words, the assumption of observed characteristics in the animals that the fans love (such as a dog or cat's expression/body language while being petted) is often adopted in brief while being skritched.

Why this is so wide spread is unclear. It should be worth noting that heterosexual males and females within Furry Fandom also participate in this social body language between members of the same sex without any apparent threat to their sexual identity as a heterosexual. This seems to fly in the face of common sense unless it is seen as non-sexual by the participants and -rather- an element of a larger societal norm.

My Conclusion

The fuck? Why the hell are you petting each other? That's even weirder then all the weird sex stuff. At least with weird sex stuff there is a reasonable explanation for why you are doing it. This is just really really weird. Stop it.

Who is David J. Rust

David J. Rust has to be the most average furry ever. He is male, Wicca, bisexual, college graduate, likes dragons, attends renaissance festivals, and plays role-playing games. He is a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Iron Chef, but I won't be making any jokes about those shows since I also enjoy watching them.

David has a history degree, which means like most furries he is unemployed and poor. I know from experience just how hard it is to find a job with a history degree. Apparently people prefer hiring people trained in a field that's useful instead of a field that might help them out on Jeopardy.

According to the pictures of himself he has posted, David has long hair and on occasion a mustache, which makes him look like he should be playing bass for The Steve Miller Band. Not bass for them when they were famous, but now when they are playing casinos. If all furries looked like 70s rock musicians then the movement would be a lot better off.

David's fursonaes consist of three characters, Sylvan, Knight, and BoomerRoo.

Sylvan is a centaur wolf if the word centaur didn't specifically mean half horse and half man. Maybe it could be called a wolftaur. If I had a metal band they would be called Wolftaur. Well, actually they would be called Dragon Cock, but since Dragon Cock is so sweet it must already be taken, I would have to go with Wolftaur. Sylvan has a long back story that I will not get into since there is not enough coffee in the world to keep me awake while I read it.
Knight is a 360 foot tall horse who is dressed like a GI Joe and carrying a hockey stick. David says that all of his characters “reflects my own sexual fantasies at times.” Needless to say there isn't a lot of room in his sex life for 360 foot tall horses. I think the people who have sex with him are very grateful for that.
BoomerRoo is a human version of a kangaroo. I know what you're thinking, that is one creative name. Sort of makes A. A. Milne and his method of naming animals look retarded. Look at the facts; he named a Kangaroo Kanga, and her son Roo. That's just splitting the word in half. David here took half the word and combined it with the name of famed football star, Boomer Esiason.

In addition to his sweet name BoomerRoo has control of “size-magicks” meaning he can change his size. I am pretty sure changing ones size is another one of those weird furry subcultures. BoomerRoo is also described as having “mastered all sorts of erotic and sexual magicks” so he is kind of like David Copperfield, but can presumably jump higher. David makes sure to point out that BoomerRoo can change his entire body, or just parts, and I bet you can guess what parts ;-)

That's right, his tail.

So what can we learn about this? Stereotypes are many times true. Not outrageous ones like black people love orange soda. That is a lie perpetrated by Kenan and Kel, we all know black people actually love grape soda. However, stereotypes about people who have some sort of crazy hobby are probably true. Everything I thought about furries seems to be backed by the numbers. We also learned that members of a group will manipulate numbers to try to make themselves look better. This is very easy to do when the only people interested in your results are the members of that group. They aren't exactly going to point out that you are making shit up.

I understand David is doing another one of these studies. I hope we get even more information so we can better understand these strange people. I also hope he asks the one question that I've always wanted to have answered, how the hell would a rabbit fuck a horse? It's a funny image to imagine, but I think the rabbit would simply be too small. I asked a furry this once, but his answer was pretty much “they would find a way” which is not satisfying. Until this mystery is solved the furry community will not be able to further their cause. That cause, of course, being “fucking people dressed like animals.”

As we speak people are masturbating to this.