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Submit Your Writings to Dumb Baby

Have you ever dreamed of writing for the internet? With the closed nature of this medium, not everyone can. But now Dumb Baby is giving everyone the opportunity only few had before, to have their writings appear on the intenet and read by literally dozens of people.

Dumb Baby is now accepting submissions from qualified writers who wish to have their humor appear on this website. You can submit an article for Dumb Baby, a cartoon your draw, or even something for Boycott the Caf. We'd like to see what you have to offer, and will read everyhting that gets sent our way. However, just because you send us something, doesn't always mean w'll publish it here. But our standards have always been pretty low, so if what you have is even ABC network sitcom level funny, it just might find a home here.

If you think you got what it takes to measure up to the high standard of gay and black people jokes we have on this site, then email your submission to If your submission is only text, please submit it as in-line text within your email, not as an attachment. However, if your submission includes images, please attach it as either a .doc or .rtf file.

Good luck and may the power protect you!