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A Story of Love Lost

People said we shouldn't be together, said it was wrong, an abomination, but I don't care what anybody thinks. I loved Mothra.

I remember when I first met her. I was 15, and in Japan as part of the student exchange program. It was harrowing; here I was, not more then just a boy, completely immersed in a culture I didn't understand, and surrounded by a language I never bothered to learn. I felt alone, like a stranger in a strange land. I would spend hours wandering up and down the streets of Tokyo, wondering what I was doing here, and how to get back to my exchange parent's home.

Then one day I saw her. On the news they showed a giant cocoon leaning against a Ferris wheel. Then the cocoon bulged and then tore. What came out was something unlike anything I had ever seen before. A beautiful creature of indefinable grace. She shone like the sun. Instantly I felt my heart skip a beat. A new feeling I didn't even understand swelled in my gullet. I felt a longing, I had to meet her, but how would I do that? Was it even possible? I didn't know the answers but I knew the questions and that was worse the anything else.

The next few days were terrible. I felt a pull that I could not follow. I had no idea how to fine her. On a whim I leafed through a phone book to see if by chance she was listed. She was. But what could I do now? I couldn't just call her, she didn't know me. What I decided to do was go to her home, and see if I could talk to her. Even a passing glance would have been enough to sustain me.

I took a bus to the area of Tokyo where Mothra lived. Eventually I was able to find her home. I stood outside, unsure of what I should do. Then it happened. She came out, I was awed. I felt like a man lost in a desert coming upon an oasis. Paralysis gripped my body, as she walked by me. The light played with the interlaying colors of her wings. She smiled at me, and then strode past.

Beating back all my nerves I said “I liked what you did in your fight with Godzilla.”

Mothra turned around and told me it was no big deal. I could see she was shy about the entire being the guardian of the human race thing. She started to leave again, I wanted to say something else but the words wouldn't come. Don't freeze up my brain screamed, say something

“W-w-would you like to go get something to drink?” I managed to stammer out. I feared she would say no. Her rejection would sear through my heart like a heated coat hanger. It would surely kill me. What would Mothra want with me? Somebody with who can fire poison from her wings, like her, could have any man she wanted. She would laugh at me, call me a fool, and then shoot me with a laser beam from her eyes.

This didn't happen though. Mothra said yes.

Thank the lord she said yes

We went to an Orange Julius just up the block. I got the traditional orange flavor while she bought raspberry. Normal people don't get the raspberry Orange Julius, but Mothra was like nobody I had ever met before. Everything she said was elegant. Her natural speaking rhythm gave the impression that she was reciting poetry. My nervousness washed away when she was with me. She had a way of giving me confidence. I didn't fear she would misunderstand what I meant. She looked past the mere meaning of words, to get to there very essence. Before either one of us realized it we had spent the entire day at the Orange Julias, just talking. It seemed like we had arrived just seconds earlier and already the assistant manager was telling us to get out so they could close. I didn't want to go home though. I never wanted to leave Mothra's side. Not even to go to the bathroom.

That is how things began, perfectly, but they couldn't stay that way. People just couldn't leave us alone. They didn't see that we were happy with each other. All they saw was the young naive American, and the gigantic moth monster sworn to protect the people of earth. My host parents flipped out when I told them about her. My host mother kept screaming that she had no host son, and my host father told me I didn't have enough honor to sleep on a mat in their spare bedroom. Mothra didn't have it easy either. The twins kept telling her that I wasn't good enough for her, and threatened to cut her off if she stayed with me. Mothra and I didn't care what they thought. We were happy, and that's all that matters. We continued as social outcasts together, with nobody but each other.

Many people think that 15 is too young to know what love is, but I can tell you it isn't. I learned a lot that year, about what it truly means to love somebody. Mothra made me a better person, a stronger person. With her I felt like I could do anything, but sometimes fate gets in the way of love.

I remember when it happened. Mothra took me with her to the island that she had been born on. The natives were friendly; they treated us to good food, and a celebration. Late that night Mothra and I stole away from the party. We walked together down the moon lit beach. I looked into her large black eyes, and stroked her wings. All was right in the world. That night we made love in the sand and surf. The moon above us, and the natives watching from the jungle. It was the happiest moment of my life.

After that things changed. Mothra seemed worried about something, and was not as healthy. She had a secret, but said that she couldn't tell me because it would be to painful. I asked the twins, begged them to tell me what was going on. Then they told me…Mothra was pregnant.

I told them the child was mine, and I would do the right thing by taking care of it, but they would hear nothing of that. They kept insisting that Mothra was asexual. That meant nothing to me because I don't know what the word means. All I knew is that they were once again trying to keep me and Mothra apart.

Mothra got sicker, as she got closer to giving birth. This made it easier for the twins to keep us separated. Even as her body weakened her spirit stayed strong. There was still that glint of inner strength in her eyes.

Mothra died during child birth. Sadly I was not there. The twins had conspired to keep me from being in the room with her by having me arrested. The child was named Mothra in honor of her mother. I wanted to be a father to her, but the twins prevented this. Eventually I had to return to America. Little Mothra followed in her mother's foot steps and became guardian of all the Earth's people. Recently she emerged from her own cocoon. Just like her mother she was a creature of immeasurable beauty and grace.

So like, would be really creepy if I asked her out?