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Another TV Article

Can you believe it? The fall 2008 TV season is almost over and soon we'll be moving into the spring 2009 midseason. It seems like only yesterday it was late September when I tuned in to watch the season premieres of all my favorite shows. By all I mean House and The Office. Yeah, I thought I watched more TV too, but those are the only two network shows I ever watch regularly. I think I watch Deal or No Deal, but that show is on nine days a week on NBC and that's the channel that comes it the best on my TV.

I don't want to get cable because the cheapest cable package they offer only gives me fourteen channels, most of which are religious or public access. Instead, I bought a digital tuner so I can pick up digital broadcasts when TV goes digital in February. Right now, the only station in my area that is broadcasting digital is the NBC station, which means I can see Howie Mandel's creepy bald head in high definition (if I had a high def TV). I can also pick up NBC's digital substation, which is a version of The Weather Channel owned by NBC. I don't think NBC was wise to go head to head with The Weather Channel, I think the market is pretty saturated with just one channel. It's not like how Fox Sports Net can compete with ESPN by airing different sporting events. You can’t acquire the rights to different weather.  Though whenever I watch the Weather Channel, they seem to have stopped reporting on weather and instead show programs on different scenarios that could happen if the Earth decides to use the weather to kill us all. Next year they are going to air reruns of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Surreal Life. This is a moot point since I just read while researching this article that NBC recently bought The Weather Channel and will shut down their own channel. They probably should have bought The Weather Channel first. The expense of starting up a cable channel and then buying its main competitor and shutting then shutting theirs down has got to be more expense than just buying the original channel in the first place.

I forgot what I was going on about. Oh yeah. Deal or No Deal is on too much. I remember the good old days when NBC would fill all the holes in its schedule with Dateline. We need more Dateline and more "Too Catch a Predator" specials. I like those for the amusement of seeing creepy people have their lives ruined on TV. I don’t have kids but one night I watch a few episodes with a guy who has three young daughters. He had never seen those shows before and is now worried that sex offenders are everywhere and are going to meet one of his kids over the internet and eat them. I don’t think a parent should worried too much about pedophiles.  From the predators we see on Dateline, I’d have to think that in a physical fight, a 13 year old girl could beat up most of them.

Ok, I forgot what this article was originally about. Just let me look at the opening paragraph. Oh yeah, the new TV season. I should add 30 Rock to the small list of network shows I watch, but I was annoyed because its season debut was pushed back by that stupid Thursdays night version of SNL during the election season. I want to tell NBC that just because people like Tina Fey and 30 Rock doesn’t mean they like SNL. SNL isn’t any good on Saturday nights, so making the cast and crew come up with an extra half hour of material a week is only going to make matters worse.  Hell, I’m SNL’s target audience, a loser who sits at home Saturday night. But I would rather spend that time on the internet trolling Hannah Montana fan forums while drinking Strawberry Boonesfarm in the dark than watch SNL. I also don’t think Tina Fey enjoyed having to go back on SNL to play Sarah Palin and deal with the makeup and learning lines when she still has to produce and star in her own show upstairs.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I had the last pages of the Conan comic all finished, but I am visiting family this week and forgot to burn the comic to CD so I could upload it while I’m here. So I decided to whip this up in twenty minutes so I could say I added something new to the site. We’re quantity over quality here at Dumb Baby, folks.