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about 1 minute ago from web

Name Christopher Meloni
Location New York!!
Bio I play Detective Elliot Stabler on Law N Order: SVU. I am the best actor on the show.

It just erupted into a huge fireball! Everything is on fire! about 2 minutes ago from web

Energy beams are shooting out of it. about 3 minutes ago from web

The Thing is still shaking. about 4 minutes ago from web

Police aren’t going to stop this thing. It’s up to me. I threw my half eaten hotdog at it. Said Take that asshole! about 5 minutes ago from web

The Thing is starting to shake. about 7 minutes ago from web

The bullets don’t have any effect. They just bounce of its skin. about 10 minutes ago from web

They are shooting it. about 15 minutes ago from web

People are screaming now. The police showed up and I told them to shoot that Thing and they started shooting that Thing. about 16 minutes ago from web

That Thing spit out the guy’s bones. Ha ha cool. It barfed. about 17 minutes ago from web

HOLLY SHIT it ate that guy! An arm came outta the Thing and grabbed the dude and shoved it in its mouth and IT FUCKING ATE THAT GUY! about 18 minutes ago from web

OMFG he’s gonna touch it! about 20 minutes ago from web

Some guy is going up to it. Don’t do it man. I should yell that to him instead of twittering it but twitter is ballz. about 21 minutes ago from web

People are taking pics of it on their phones. We’re all keeping our distance. about 25 minutes ago from web

What the fuck is that thing? about a half hour ago from web

It’s not a meteor.  It’s red and egg shaped. 2 feet high. Doesn’t look like no satellite. It’s glowing. about 40 minutes ago from web

Whole bunch of people here but no police. That puts me in charge. about 45 minutes ago from web

Gonna  check it out. about 1 hour ago from web

Looked  like a meteor came down. It was on fire. Crashed in the middle of the park behind all the trees. about 1 hour ago from web

HOLLY SHIT something just fell out of the sky! about 1 hour ago from web

Some guy is walking a real ugly dog. about 2 hours ago from web

The great thing about being an actor is getting away with touching girl’s butts. about 2 hours ago from web

I touched a girl’s ass who was in front of me in line for the water fountain. I was smooth about it so she didn’t know I did it on purpose. She turned around when she felt it and asked if I was the det elliot stabler  from SVU.  She said it was cool to meet me. about 2 hours ago from web

Bought a hotdog. Yum. about 3 hours ago from web

The park is real sweet. Nice day. People keep on coming up to me and saying Hey you’re on Law N Order. Hell yeah. about 3 hours ago from web

I’ll take my laptop to the park and twitter. about 4 hours ago from web

Just got out of the shower. Eating golden grahams right now. First day off in awhile, wanna spend it at the park. Hope someone notices me. about 5 hours ago from web

Long day at work filming the season finale for SUV. Gonna sleep on my pile of money, prolly go to the park tomorrow. about 20 hours ago from web