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Not Much of an Article This Week

Neither Johnny or I have anything for you folks this week. Johnny has been pulling a lot overtime at work after the INS arrested three of his coworkers and his supervisor for being illegal Guatemalan immigrants. And I have had to devote most of my free time to prepare a defense for my tax evasion trial. For the past three years I've claimed that my woodshed is a church and now the feds have caught on to my tidy little racket.

So that you sons and daughters of bitches have a reason to come here, I dug a comic featuring Al Roker I drew back in 2001 while in high school. It isn't very good, but I found it tucked away in my computer when I was looking for some old Sam/Ferguson slash fiction I once downloaded from a now offline Clarissa Explains It All Geocities fanpage. If you sqint hard, you may be able to read it.

Al Roker