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The Early Morning Burger King Coffee Club 2

Earle: Well, it looks like we all have our coffee, let's begin.

Hank: Point of order, I want to declare that Burger King has the best coffee!

Smitty: We all agree to that!

Sam: I hate to be a downer, but I think there's something serious we need to discuss, Barak Obama.

Earle: What about him?

Sam: For one thing what's all this about socialism medicine?

Welsh: I hear that if that becomes law then a panel of liberals get to decide if you live or die based on the size of your carbon footprint.

Sam: And I heard he isn't even from America

Smitty: It's true; I got an email on the AOL telling me so.

Sam: So what are we going to do about it?

Earle: What can we do about it?

Sam: I don't know but something has to be done.

Hank: Sam, none of us like Barak Obama being president.

Sam: His middle name is Saddam Hussein.

Hank: Indeed, but we can't really do anything about it. He won the election.

Smitty: I voted for Sarah Palin.

Welsh: I think I accidentally voted for Ralph Nader again.

Earle: When it comes down to it, he's our president and we have to respect him.

Sam: Why?

Earle: Because, do you know what kind of people disrespect the president?

Sam: Who?

Earle: Hippies!

Welsh: He's right!

Earle: So you see, we have to suffer through these next four years respecting a black Muslim of all people because to not follow the president is to not be an American.

Sam: I see you're point. I'll do it but I won't like it.

Earle: One thing I know you will like is another cup of Burger King coffee. Let me get you a refill.

Sam: You're a good man Earle.

Hank: He might take away all our money and our health insurance but the one thing Barak Obama can never take away is our coffee club

Everybody: That's right!

The End