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December 17 2008
Stand Up Comedian's Acts Summarized Larry the Cable Guy, Lewis Black, David Cross - Collect them all!
by Billie Green
December 08 2008
My Dark Tower Fan Fiction I worked on this for five months
by Johnny Dangerous
November 10 2008
New Names for WNBA Teams There is an NBA for ladies, it seems
by Billie Green
August 18 2008
For the Love of Sasquatch There is nothing to fear from Sasquatch
by Billie Green
The Dr. Splunko Clinically Proven Eye Widening Kit™ A paid advertisement
by Johnny Dangerous
June 09 2008
101 Things A College Girl Should Know It was for sale at Goodwill for a nickel
by Johnny Dangerous
May 19 2008
New Additions for Dumb Baby We want more money
by Billie Green
The Dog Park, A Message Board for Good Dogs woof woof woof
by Billie Green
April 29 2008
Bratz Are Pretty Damn Freaky This may be a few years too late to save any lives
by Johnny Dangerous
March 31 2008
I Am An Adult God Damnit! And as an adult I can buy and eat Easter candy even if it isn't Easter yet
by Johnny Dangerous
Hispanic People FAQ I never tell people I'm Hispanic unless they ask
by L Lewis
December 03 2007
If I Were A Professional Wrestler I Would Be The Best Wrestler Ever My wrestling name would be Johnny Dangerous
by Johnny Dangerous
October 22 2007
Johnny Takes A Look At The Classifieds I usually don't read newspapers
by Johnny Dangerous
October 15 2007
The Hot New Diet Plan Brought to you by Billy Mays
by Billie Green
October 01 2007
Pamphlet Rama Review of a Jack Chick Tract
by Johnny Dangerous
September 24 2007
The Centipede Menace Be prepared
by Johnny Dangerous
September 10 2007
Rinkin of Dragon Forest Part 1
by Johnny Dangerous
Rinkin of Dragon Forest Part 2
by Johnny Dangerous
September 03 2007
Illustrated Mitch Hedberg Quotes Mitch's jokes in paper form
by Johnny Dangerous
August 27 2007
Let's Assume These New Stories Are About A Penis This article is brought to you by dealines
by Billie Green
Submit Your Writings to Dumb Baby Have you ever dreamed of writing for the internet?
by Billie Green
August 13 2007
Why Can't Paris Be More Like Paris? ???
by Roger Plutarski
July 30 2007
Why You Should Join the AARP, You Old Fart Some of the benefits
by Billie Green
July 16 2007
College Mutant Ninja Turtles! The turtles go to college
by April O'Neil