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Degrassi TNG: Soap Opera Summer 2010 - Week 1

"Breakaway" part 2

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Degrassi 1004

Holly J talks to Ms. Sovay, the guidance counselor, about how she can get into Yale after losing the election. Sovay tells her to consider a team sport. She is already in cheerleading. In America, cheerleading is usually considered a school sport, but I guess not in Canada. Holly J wants to take an SAT prep course, but that costs $2000. To put that into perspective, that's $1929.01 US. Wow, that's a lot. But it's only 1492.93 Euros, 168,615 Yen or 7583.34 Argentine Pesos. Man, I love online currency converters.

Mini-Connor pops into a room were Anya and Sav are talking and wants to throw them a baby shower. Do boys ever have anything to do with baby showers? Anya and Sav tell the rodent to scram and discuss what to do next. Anya is annoyed because Sovay wants to talk to her and Sovay is next to useless.

Fiona's mother wants to send her to that school in Wisconsin they sent Rosemary Kennedy to. But Fiona wants to re-enroll in Degrassi saying, "I have friends here...or a friend." I was going to say that! Man, Degrassi.

Degrassi 1004

Jenna and the Degrassi Baby boys stare at Clare in gym, trying to look at her new boobs. They aren't sure if she had the boob job yet. The only experience these boys have feeling boobs come from the fat boy at their summer camp.

Degrassi 1004 Degrassi 1004

Harry Potter volunteers to discover the truth. He asks Clare if they are sore. Clare says yes. "Can I touch them?" he asks. Clare is weirded out, but consents to letting Harry Potter touch her eyes. OK, that's also weird. Since neither of them said eyes or boobs, they are both confused and Harry Potter touches her breasts with both hands. Yowza! Clare is shocked! Harry Potter just got as far with a woman as he will get for the rest of his life without having to pay.

Degrassi 1004 Degrassi 1004

Sav and Anya address the school via video. Anya claims to have suffered a miscarriage. "Super bummer," she says, which made me laugh. I was going to compare this to Bill Clinton's speech in 1998 when he admitted having an affair, but I think these characters were in diapers when that happened. Also, it makes it hard to write when I see everyone sitting on Swiss exercise balls.

A bunch of people give Anya flowers the next day. Sav is impressed by her political savvy. Anya is Canada's Karl Rove except she doesn't hate minorities.

Degrassi 1004 Degrassi 1004

Anya and Sav make out in his home. Sav's mom comes home. "What is Anya doing here?" Sav's mother asks. Sav's mom is one to talk. She went outside without a male escort. Sav never told his parents about the pregnancy or even that he is dating Anya and tries to make up some excuse. Anya is pissed, so she spills the beans and breaks up with Sav.

Sav's mother doesn't do anything about this. She expects that Anya's father will murder her in a honor killing and all will be made just.

Degrassi 1004

Clare gets back at Jenna for the rumor by stuffing her bra and showing it off to Jenna. I don't see how this is revenge when it gets Jenna turned on. I'm pretty sure she is gay and only with KC because he looks so much like a lesbian. Clare tells Jenna that she got laser eye surgery which is why she is not wearing glasses. Jenna never noticed because she was never looking at Clare's face.

Degrassi 1004 Degrassi 1004

Clare and Alli laugh over this. A hearse pulls up to school. Looks like the ax murder who lives in the school basement has struck again. Actually, it's driven by a boy who dresses all in black.

Oh no, goth kids are back.

Degrassi 1004

Holly J web chats with Declan. She needs the money for the SAT prep but doesn't ask Declan for it. Holly J doesn't understand having a rich boyfriend. Declan says, "Whatever it takes, right?" and they don't got through the theme song again!

Holly J logs onto Fiona's bank account to take out the money for the prep course. Fiona let her know the password so Fiona quickly finds out about this. Fiona is mad, but Fiona and Holly J really only have each other as friends, so she lets it slide.

Grade: A+

Yes. A+. What can I say? Call it the Girl Interrupted effect, but I enjoy episodes about girls that are kind of crazy. That's why I liked a lot of the Darcy episodes back in the day. Also, before she went nutzo, she was with Spinner, so we got her to see her rub up on him. Fiona did something for once, and it was entertaining. It goes back to the Rick-Terri stories of season 3, and the Rick era was Degrassi's best.

Anya, on the other hand, suffers from Dumb Degrassi Girl Syndrome. It's a common ailment that affects Degrassi girls and makes them do stupid things to stay with boys who do not deserve them. Usually, it only afflicts girls who date Peter or Craig. We've never seen a case revolving around someone as low as Sav.

The Clare boob thing was classic Degrassi. The show is at it's best when it does awkward puberty body stuff.

So, the Fiona plot was good, the other plots were silly and that's what Degrassi should be but hasn't for a long time. It looks like Degrassi is off to a good start after a couple of lackluster seasons. It only takes them four episodes to come up with the quality most shows can do in one, but Degrassi has found the secret to success.

Final Thoughts:

I guess foreigners need to take the SATs to get into American universities. I'm an American who went to an American college and I never took the SATs. I thought Michigan didn't use the SATs, but other students who went to my school in state did take them. I remember when my freshmen year roommate, who was from suburban Detroit, wanted to compare SAT scores but was bummed when I said I didn't have one, so roomie couldn't brag about having a higher one.

What the Forum Fags Are Saying:

But Fiona goes to Degrassi now. I'm surprised that Declan didn't move back with her. I bet their parents were nervous that they would be fucking like rabbits if they were left alone together. - PrincessofPants

Does anybody remember Holly J's imaginary friend Blue? Who only existed when she was in the room? Whatever happened to him? I would be beyond pissed off if I was the actor who played there's a main character who really did nothing. - shoes22

how do you people still watch degrassi? - FatFuhrerRyan

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