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Degrassi TNG: Soap Opera Summer 2010 - Week 2

"Better Off Alone" part 1

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"Better Off Alone" begins where "99 Problems" ended. Well not exactly, it's the end of the football game, not the beginning, so there is probably a time lapse of a few hours or so. Who knows what wacky adventures Mini-Connor and his Jewfro friend had during that lost time? The episode begins with KC catching the game winning touchdown. Looks like it's a good thing Riley isn't starting QB. Drew has one hell of an arm. The ball even made jet noises when he threw it.

KC's mom has shown up at the game. She congratulates him and gives him a hug. It's a good thing she recognized him after the three year absence. It would be awkward if she mistook him for somebody who looks like him. It is a good thing she isn't Sean's mom because she would have hugged Spinner and then been confused when she had a orgasm.

KC's mom tells him she is trying to regain custody of him. KC is like You're a crack ho and I have a home. Later snootch” and then he puts an egg in his shoe and beats it.

Clare got a C in English class because her writing is distant and impersonal. The teacher says the paper didn't tell her anything about who Clare is. Maybe Clare is distant and impersonal. Ever think about that Professor Bitch? 

Clare and new goth guy get paired up as writing partners because he has soul but cannot form a complete sentence. They will be editing each others work. Man, those two are total opposites. There is no way this will turn to romance.

Clare tries to complain about the goth guy to Alli but Alli tells Clare to shut up. She is staring at Drew and wishing they were a couple even though she has never talked to him. Clare gets revenge on Alli for ignoring her by pushing her into Drew. Drew recognizes Alli as Sav's brother.

In a quick scene Jenna doesn't understand why KC doesn't want to live with his drug addict convict whore of a mother. Jenna is dumb

Speaking of absentee parents appearing in their kid's lives it turns out Clare actually has parents. I know a prevailing theory in the past was that she and Darcy lived alone in their bedroom since that's all we ever saw. Her parents get in a fight in front of Clare and its really awkward. Things have been rough ever since Darcy was killed by Swahili militants.

KC's worker at the group home is trying to organize KC's transition to his mother. KC can't stay in the group home because he has a mom, but he doesn't want to go with his mom because she use to lock him in a closet. You could say when she did that it made him a real closet case, HEY-OH! 

Its too bad that Canada apparently doesn't have foster parents. That way KC wouldn't have to live with his mom, whom he hates, and the group home could get rid of him and take in somebody else.

I must commend Degrassi on the actress they chose to play KC's mother. She really does act like a recovering crack addict. I sure hope she is acting, and not just a junky they hired for really cheap.

Alli is upset because Clare didn't answer her phone and she needed guy advice. Going to Clare for guy advice is like asking your priest how to give a blow job. You aren't asking somebody who knows anything on the subject. Dave is almost a guy so Alli asks him for advice. He suggests Alli hang out with the guy and a party is a good way to arrange for that to happen.  That's actually good advice. I am surprised.

In English Eli tells Clare the best thing about her paper is that the title is centered and she is better off skipping class then handing it in. That's not constructive editorial work. The two of them take off together

Snake storms out of his office steaming. Test scores are down and the PTA is going to cut funding for sports. The PTA can do that?  I thought the PTA was mostly an excuse for parents to get together once a month to drink coffee and eat cookies.

To make the scene more confusing Sav is sitting outside of Snake's office doing paperwork. Class president is actually a way to get the principal a secretary without having to pay for one.

You know what would be great?  If Snake and Sav got their own spin-off. That might sound horrible but hear me out; Snake is the over worked over stressed principal who never gets things to work out right. Sav is the laid back wise cracking class president who always comes up with wacky schemes. Together they make Degrassi the best school in Canada all the while solving mysteries. It could be an hour long drama/comedy on USA.

Sav find out about the party from Dave and tells Alli he does not approve. As a female she shouldn't be talking to people, much less throwing a party. However he is too busy with student council to stop her. He has to pick up Snake's laundry and then wax the halls. Get it, because they are using him as a cheap source of labor. It is comically over exaggerating what he actually does for student council. Humor.

Eli tells Clare that her paper on gun control has no passion. It could have been written by anybody. I think the school expects too much from the students. In my school you got a good grade if you could string together five paragraphs without using the word shizzle.

Eli tells Clare she needs to not care about what other people think and write about personal things. He then gets Clare to scream at the top of her lungs to prove she doesn't care about what people think. Its okay to be able to express yourself but don't do that. You're turning into one of those annoying teenagers who is loud in public and nobody likes.

Here is a direct quote from my notes:

Sexual tension is getting tense yo”

Later that night, or the next night maybe, I wasn't paying attention, Eli sends a text to Clare asking if she is up for more public embarrassment. He is going to invite her to a park and strip her naked. Clare has to turn him down though because her dad bailed on her mom for some fund raising and Clare feels the need to be there for her mother.

Drew helps Alli set up her party because he thinks she is into him because she keeps asking him hypothetical questions about guys. Thanks to Drew's help Alli's party is pretty rocking. There's no booze but there is salsa and rock band. Alli wants to knock things to the next level by playing strip Have you ever. ”  This episode of Degrassi can only be seen on Cinimax at 3 in the morning.

Soon after starting the players give up on playing it correctly and are instead using it to flirt and disrobe. Alli says she has never had a crush on anybody in the room and Drew says he has never wanted to make out with somebody in the room and they both take off clothes for their own questions. Too bad they are counting belts and jewelry as clothes because if they weren't they would be naked way quicker. Alli quickly ends the party when she figures out Drew has the hots for her. A few minutes after everyone leaves Drew comes back to play a new game;  Make Out San Francisco 2010.

Jenna loves KC's mom. Jenna identifies with her because Jenna has the brain capacity of somebody who has done a lot of drugs. KC needs to stop moping. His mom served mac n cheese.

KC is looking for an excuse to give the social worker so he doesn't have to live with his mom.  He finds her Midol and thinks that might be enough to claim she is unfit. Then he decides to steal some booze and claim she gave it to him.

At The Dot Jenna tells KC that she thinks his mom is nice and won't help incriminate her for the crime of giving alcohol to a minor. KC says Jenna doesn't know anything about moms because her mom left her so she should shut up. Ouch, ice burn.

Jenna takes off in a huff, probably to apply some ointment to her ice burn. Bianca notices that  KC has booze and is like You got plans for that bottle?” I'm glad I am no longer a teenager and have to scrounge for booze wherever it can be found. KC is going to drink with her because he is not better off alone.

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