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Degrassi TNG: Soap Opera Summer 2010 - Week 2

"Better Off Alone" part 2

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KC Bianca and some random other person wake up the next day in a car. I don't think Degrassi would want to imply they drunk drove without consequence so I bet are to assume they just sat in the car drinking. KC gets a call from the group home and he lies about spending the night in a car, telling them he was at his mom's apartment. Then there is an odd interaction. Bianca gives KC some aspirin and when he doesn't grab it right away she says a junkie's son should be more street smart. Since when is taking aspirin when you're hung over a sign of being street smart? 

That new teacher is giving a speech on the internet. Specifically the dot com bust. Who knew investing tons of money into companies that never made money would end poorly?  At least we got funny Super Bowl commercials out of the deal. Dave is still laboring under the impression that Alli likes him and is just constantly speaking to him in riddles.

Dude only hears what he wants to hear. Its not until Alli directly says Drew is her boyfriend that he gets it. Then he starts crying.

The football team is practicing without pads but KC tackles somebody anyways. Couch Armstrong asks KC why he is suddenly filled with rage. I bet it has nothing with KC's abusive mother coming back into his life. You suck at figuring out cause and effect Couch Armstrong.

I think Clare's new look makes her look like the lady who stalks the Flight of the Conchords.

So, anywho, Clare is freaking over her parents hating each other. Eli tells her she should tell them how she feels and she could do this by putting her feelings into the letter she needs to write for English class. That's excellent advise. Eli is a way better friend then Alli. Alli would have just been like, "Shut up Clare, I need to figure out a way to become popular so I don't have to hang out with you anymore. Stop distracting me with real problems. "

KC goes to his mom and yells at her for having gin that he stole. Lady carrying her laundry back to her room is like "Ooh, this is juicy. "

In order to avoid living with his mother KC gets a lawyer. The lawyer says KC needs to get some people to testify that his mother is unfit. KC decides to ask Couch Armstrong to help him. Armstrong of course says no. He barely even knows KC much less his mother. This makes KC have a whiney temper tantrum and key Armstrong's car. Dude needs a chill pill.

English teacher calls Clare and Eli out on skipping class and gives them detention. I like this lady, she is way more on the ball then every other teacher and has the same coffee mug as me. This has got to be the first time a student at Degrassi has ever gotten detention for skipping class.

Clare reads her letter out loud in class. It is very personal and touching. So the teacher wants Clare to present it at the student showcase and it doesn't matter that Clare doesn't want to because the teacher is going to make her do it anyways. Eli points out to Clare that her mother, who will be at the showcase, will be forced to listen to the letter which is what Clare wants. Who is this guy Monica from Touched by an Angel?

Alli asks Drew to go see Ghostbusters at the retro theater. Drew says he has already seen it. Well no shit dude, it's Ghostbusters. That's no excuse. Alli then offers to take him to The Dot for chocolate cheesecake and he says no again. What's up with this guy?  I'd go on a date with Osama Bin Laden if there was Ghostbusters and chocolate cheesecake. Drew says as QB he is too busy to date. No he isn't. Go see Ghostbusters.

I'm just going to hurry up and finish this plot so we can move on. In a later scene, Drew tells Alli he wants to be with her but doesn't want to waste time with all the boring relationship stuff. He just wants to concentrate on the making out portion of the relationship. Alli is down with this since she is kind of a slut.


It's the night of the Degrassi Showcase. Sav says that the PTA is about to see Degrassi's finest and brightest. This show is going to be about ten minutes long. Clare freaks out about reading the letter in front of the audience and bails. Eli puts on a blonde wig and tries to pretend to be her. Just kidding, that would have been funny. Degrassi is never funny.

KC sees Simpson walking down the hall and runs away. Simpson is like "Come on now, really?" because he needs to talk to KC about Armstrong's car. KC grabs Jenna and tells her that they should run away to Nashville to become country western singers. Jenna is down with this. She has an awesome song written about being a girl who is wronged by her man, but is strong, and decides she doesn't need him anyways. Simpson catches them before they can cross the border and makes KC go to his office.

Simpson leads KC to a room where Couch Armstrong, KC's mom, and the guy from the group home are waiting. KC asks if it is an intervention. Yeah it is, an intervention, for being a jack ass.

KC's mom defends him under the defense that they are only accusing him of doing things he obviously did because she was in jail. Simpson, being confronted by a women, starts backpedaling and peeing just a little. He runs out of the room crying and the other men follow out of embarrassment. KC's mom tells him she will defend him even if he is guilty because he is her son and if he wants to stay in the group home then that is okay.

Clare shows her mother the paper she was suppose to read and they have a heart touching moment of truth and clarity. This scene is actually pretty well down. How the hell am I suppose to make fun of this? 

Eli shows up at Clare's house to tell her that if she doesn't want to tell her mom her feelings then he respects that. But Clare just told her mom about her feelings! Oh snap! Eli gives Clare his headphones in case her parents start fighting again. It's a good thing he did that because its not like everybody in North America has at least one pair of headphones in their home.

KC shows up at his mom's apartment. "I'm scared mom," he tells her. He isn't scared about living with her. He is scared of the ghost that moved into the group home. Shouldn't play with Quiji boards man. Bad Juju. When it comes to the occult you are better off alone than not alone with a ghost.

Grade: B

I'm just as surprised as you are. Who would have thought that this season would be doing better than last season?  I suppose it couldn't have gotten any worse. I think part of it is that the characters have been around long enough that they can get developed without it looking forced. We know that KC is troubled, his acting out doesn't come as a surprise. It is similar to behavior he has done before and is consistent with what somebody like him would do in this situation.

That isn't to say that there aren't dumb Degrassi moments. Alli's entire storyline is pretty much one retarded series of events. I guess we are also suppose to buy that Drew decided he likes her one day after meeting her even though he has honey dips practically crawling down his pants. There better be some kind of payoff in the future with a story about him being a dick boyfriend, or the whole "I'm too busy to date but we can make out" portion of the episode will seem entirely pointless.

One oddity that also surprised me is Eli. He is pretty likable. He is smart, somewhat witty, and is kind. Compare him to Ellie, the similarly named other goth kid. Her entire personality was annoying and based on being different. Eli definitely walks to his own drum but he also doesn't draw attention to himself all that much. I anticipate seeing where he and Clare go. They may end up being one of more interesting couples.

Final Thoughts

All the episodes this season are two parters. Since they are using a soap opera format there is no reason they can't be two parters but at the same time it isn't really necessary. The way they are making them into two parters this season is simply to add enough subplots that the main plot can't be resolved in 22 minutes simply due to time restraints. Maybe this will work out for the better. Degrassi always goes for two plots anyways so maybe half of two episodes instead of half of one episode will allow for slower build up and better story telling.

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