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Degrassi TNG: Soap Opera Summer 2010 - Week 3

"Try Honesty" part 2

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The science teacher discusses artificial limbs. This gives Harry Potter an idea and he says, "Thank you" aloud in class. Everyone looks at him, but the teacher is just happy that his little brother is excited about the class he teaches.

In order to get Fitz to stop bullying him, Eli gives Fitz a fake ID. Eli made it himself on a computer in the Media Immersion lab. The school has software for making fake IDs. It's all part of Eli's revenge plan. You see, Eli put the name of a wanted arsonist on the ID. He took the information from The Royal Mounted Police's Top Ten Most Wanted Scoundrels List. Adam was with him and kept commenting on the looks of the fugitives. Way to play it smooth, dude.

I promised myself I would speed through reviewing the daily episodes, so instead of giving you readers one of my always enjoyable mid-review rants, I'll just copy and past this Tumblr post from this blog which states my impression so far of Adam better than I can:

"I get that Degrassi is tackling something huge for the first time. What I’m not getting is how over the top (regardless of Adam coming off as shy or behind the scenes to keep a low profile) Adam is. Fuller lips. Not knowing about teste pain? “Booyah”? I’m ftm, and I understand there isn’t a specific way to be male, female, or anything in between. I just know most of my trans friends and myself were never that clueless when we first came out. Adam’s coming off as this confused girl that’s not fooling anyone, shame on her! Degrassi needs to get it together, because Adam has a ton of potential, and if he acted like he had all of this (common) knowledge on the average male beforehand, I’m sure his schoolmates and the viewers would take him more seriously."

Next week is the big Adam story, so here's hoping the show can do it right, though back when I heard the rumor that there would be trans kid on the show, I kept my expectations low. This is Degrassi, after all.

OK, here is why Harry Potter liked the artificial limbs lesson. He has a band with the Connors. Connor is the DJ, Mini-Connor sings, and Harry Potter plays the flute. That sounds stupid, but keep in mind two of their instruments match up with Jethro Tull, and Jethro Tull is sweet. The problem is that Mini-Connor's vocals are very weak. Connor and Harry try to tell Mini-Connor this, but Mini-Connor is oblivious and booked them a recording session with Sav. Oh, guys will be going places with that guy. Sav fixes Mini-Connor's singing with Auto-tune. Mini-Connor is upset, but now he has that robot voice that makes him sound like half the rappers out now.

Also, Degrassi has a recording studio.

Declan flew to Toronto to surprise Holly J. He is horrified that Holly J is going to get a job like some kind of middle-class person, and will give her cash to buy clothes and tampons and all the things a girl needs. Now Holly J is mooching off both the Coyne twins.

Chante is jealous of Holly's sugar daddy. She coughs "Gold digger" but so loudly that she just called Holly a gold digger right to her face but also raised her fist. Holly J and the audience tell Chante to shut up and let Holly enjoy her money and Jones Soda. Man, I love Jones Soda.

Eli calls the cops to the alley by the Dot. Then he starts a fight with Fitz and lets himself get beat up like it's an assignment for his fight club. Adam would be a good fit for a fight club since he wants a way to prove himself as a man. Also, half the guys in Fight Club did not have testicles so he'll fit in just fine. The Mounties break up the fight and arrest Fitz after they run his fake ID. Fitz is never seen or heard again. Meanwhile, a series of arsons occur in Manitoba that resemble the crimes Fitz was sent away for. A copy cat criminal!

Declan and Holly J ride in a cab that looks like Jay's old car. How many reddish orange cars does Canada have? Holly J breaks it off with Declan because she does not want to be dependant on him. Also, this was never started, but Declan was definitely cheating with that blonde girl.

Holly J gets out of the cab. The cab driver looks at Declan and says, "Hey man, want me to take you someplace real sick?"

Mini-Connor has a pep talk with Sav and then decides to stick with the new band. Anya and some girls at the Dot really like their stupid song. Teenage girls, always the purveyors of good taste. Who are those other girls? Are they Anya's friends? Without Holly J or Sav, she really doesn't have anything to do on the show. Maybe one of those girls sitting by her will pull a Hazel and go from being in the background, to a having a line once in a while as Anya's new best friend.

To earn money, Holly J gets a job at a steakhouse. Man, if I were Holly J, I would ask for my job at the Dot back. With Spinner gone, she would have the most experience. The owner of the Dot is a Middle Eastern man, and I think that my theory must be true: Spinner had to hire Holly J in secret because the owner does not believe women should be allowed to have jobs.

Rating: C-
Jenna pooping herself and Fiona buying a pig were the highlights.

The whole plot of Sav and Pals needed to steal his father's truck to the concert made no sense. Eli is coming, he owns his own car, so the show had to have him say that his car was not working. But wait, Eli is also a skilled mechanic who fixed the tail light of the truck in an afternoon. So...he couldn't fix his car? Classic Degrassi: introduce a character, give him certain traits and then ignore those traits as soon as they would get in the way of an "intense" story. Usually, the show waits later in the season to pull this crap, but the show introduced Eli as a mechanic with a car and then forgot about just one episode later. That's a new record.

Does It Go There? Poop Goes There

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