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Degrassi TNG: Soap Opera Summer 2010 - Week 6

"Purple Pills" part 2

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DTNG 122

How much champagne does Mrs. Fiona drink that she doesn't notice all the bottles her daughter opens?

Mrs Fiona asks her daughter how her nerves are and Fiona says they are fine, and that she is ready to stick it to her abusive ex-boyfriend. That's what she said! Literally. Fiona said that.

During the deposition, Bobby's lawyer tears Fiona apart on camera because she [[faked her bruise]] that one time and is also intoxicated. Fiona calls the lawyer a bitch. This is why you get drunk after court proceedings.

Riley is still laboring under the delusion that you can't go to college if you are gay. This isn't the 1800s anymore, Riley. A major institution can't just deny somebody based on their sexual orientation, plus you're an athlete. You can molest three kids a week and a college will give you a scholarship if you have a good arm.

Chante Black walks by and tells Riley there is a campaign to get him and Zane elected as queens of the dance. This makes Riley realize that you can't just decide to go back in the closet after coming out of it in front of the entire school.

DTNG 122

Adam fails to lift weights very well because he is biologically a girl and girls are weak. When Fritz and some other guys come into the weight room to box Adam wants in on it to prove he is tough and therefore not a girl.

DTNG 122

"Riley, do you know what the word perscucasity means?"

Probably not since you just made that word up.

Riley gets invited to look at Eastern's Campus. Well, some pictures of their campus. Degrassi doesn't have the budget to get another college set. Riley says that football and gayness goes together like cats and oil. The recruiter guy of course doesn't care. Unless Riley starts blowing dudes in the huddle it doesn't really matter to him.

Fritz sets up Bianca as Adam's sparring partner, something neither Adam or Bianca want. Adam should just be glad he didn't get set up against Blanka. Fritz says there's a code so girls only fight girls. Then he yells "cat fight" and pulls out a camera. By code, he meant erection. Adam calls them losers and bails.

Zane is proud of Riley being a gay football player, a feat he thinks is admirable, and makes a reference to Harvey Milk which confuses Riley. Zane then has to explain who he is and act like Riley should know all of this, but the only reason Zane knows it is because he saw that movie about the guy a few years ago. Riley is shocked that Milk got assassinated and seems to think it will happen to him.

Fiona tells Holly J she is dropping the charges against Bobby. If she can't convict him while drunk then she doesn't care if he goes free. Holly J questions what will happen to the other girls Bobby hits. Maybe one of them won't be a lush and can get him convicted.

Fiona's mom shows up to lay some parental smack down. Mrs. Fiona says Fiona needs to do two things:

1. Stop being drunk all the time. She can do that after she marries a rich white guy.

2. Get that Bobby punk convicted.

Fiona says that she is going to drop the charges and also says Bobby never hit her. She drinkened so much that she has the brain damage and can't remember Bobby punching her. Poor girl.

DTNG 122

Adam walks up to Fritz in the hall and belts him in the stomach. I guess with Riley being calmer, Adam feels like he needs to step up and beat tolerance into people.

Eli and Clare try to talk Adam out of fighting Fritz after school by quoting Ghandi and saying Fritz will kick his ass. Adam says when somebody disses him he fights them. Since when? I don't remember him ever fighting people who dissed him in the past.

DTNG 122

Getting drunk at her disposition and shaming herself in front of her mother hasn't stopped Fiona from continuing to be a champagne drunk. Also she made gloves out of my dad's old sweat socks. During her exam, she stumbles around and finishes in half an hour. Nobody realizes anything is wrong however until she takes a nap on a pile of coats. Come on Degrassi, none of the teachers are able to figure out that a student is blitzed out of her mind on a liter of champagne? Where's that guidance counselor that Paige hung out with after her rape? Fiona should be sent to her office.

If this was Saved By the Bell there would be a dream sequence. Instead, Fiona wakes up at her house. Holly J carried her there after the exam ended.

Holly J punishes Fiona by making her watch Bobby's deposition video and yelling at her. Then she gives Fiona the medication that she was prescribed. Fiona decided this is the way to go. No more drinking now, she will be popping the purple pills.












Oh wait, the episode isn't over yet.

DTNG 122

Riley is having second thoughts about playing for Eastern. He still thinks being a gay football player will get him killed, or yelled at or make him worse or I don't even know anymore.

"You're feeling pressure to be the first openly gay football player," Armstrong says to Riley.

Actually there have been three openly gay NFL players, Esera Tuaolo, David Kopay and Roy Simmons. Maybe he was talking about CFL players, although with two teams called "The Rough Riders" I'm guessing some of them probably hiked a few balls, if you catch my drift.

In the end Riley joins Eastern.

DTNG 122

Eli tells Adam he should bail on the fight. Adam tells Eli to take a hike but Eli isn't because he is going to stand up for his bud. He gets between Fritz and Adam and Fritz punches him. Good. Eli wouldn't be doing this if Adam was born with a penis. He needs to stop being insensitive and let Adam get his ass beat like a man.

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