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Degrassi TNG: Soap Opera Summer 2010 - Week 6

"All Falls Down" part 1

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DTNG 1023

Sav is high.

DTNG 1023

Drew thinks he is going to fail his exam. Probably because Alli is his tutor. Talk about the blind being led by a mute paraplegic.

Drew's mom comes by while Alli and Drew are making out and starts nagging Drew that he needs to be doing more studying, and is cold to Alli. Drew's mom totally thinks Alli is a big skank.

Drew tries to get more loving but Alli stops him, saying "I won't be the reason you bone this exam" Drew responds with "It's not the exam I was trying to bone." wakka wakka wakka!

Drew's mom is there to complain about the stink bomb because she is on the school board apparently. Simpson says that the perp will be caught and punished. "With the same severity as the boys who hazed my son right?" she questions. I guess the five game suspension for Riley that was mandated by the district wasn't punishment.

Drew's mom warns Snake that Degrassi is on the board's watch list for being a crappy school. One more incident and he's out.

DTNG 1023

Clare is hiding from Snake because she set off the stink bomb to save Adam from Fritz. Clare believes she succeeded even though the fight ended with Fritz lying on the ground in pain. Knee somebody in the groin and start kicking them in the neck. That's how you win a street fight. You know a more legal way to stop a fight than setting off a stink bomb? Telling a teacher. Or even telling Drew probably would have worked. Why did they have to evacuate the entire school for one stink bomb anyways? Somebody set one off at my school, it made the hall smell but that's it.

Eli tells Snake that Fritz set off the stink bomb to throw suspicion off of Clare. Clare backs this up without question because we are just suppose to forget the years spent developing her as a straight lace moral Christian who wouldn't lie. She changed her ways when she changed her clothes.

DTNG 1023

KC is helping Drew study now. I hope they don't have the same kissing reward system as Alli. Bianca comes by asking Drew to zip up her hoodie in the sluttiest way possible. Drew responds to the flirting. I don't know why, Alli is much better, she's the exact right height, if ya know what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink.

She's Toronto's number one limbo champ!

Clare asks Alli if the fact that Drew and her made out means he is over his dead girlfriend. I hope so, otherwise he is cheating.

Clare thinks she needs to rush Eli to decide if they are a couple because Alli thinks Eli will get together with the girl from the car wash when she is visiting her grandmother. The girl at the car wash doesn't exist but Alli loves high school drama so much that she doesn't care if people don't exist if they can make things a bit more like Secret Life.

DTNG 1023

Fiona is going to New York with her mother. She gives Holly J her slut dress. If she can't get passed around casino night like a one dollar chip than she wants her best friend to.

Bianca is sending Drew sexy sexts. I wonder if this will drive Alli to send Drew pics in order to keep him. Degrassi doesn't expect us to remember when they reuse a plot with a different character, why not assume we won't remember what Alli did last season?

Eli tries to make out with Clare again. I guess they are together. That plot was resolved quickly.

DTNG 1023

Fritz comes by and is mad that Eli snitched on him about something that didn't happen. Fritz throws Eli into a headlock, but gets scared off by a random Asian. He vows revenge.

Eli decides he will do something to stop Fritz because he seems to think Fritz is a bully. Remember when Fritz cheap shotted Adam in the hall? Then kneed Adam in the balls? Then he said Eli set off the stink bomb? Oh wait, those are all things people did to him. After he offered a hand of friendship to Adam and didn't hit him because he is chivalrous.

Drew tells Bianca that she needs to leave him alone because he has a girlfriend. Bianca says that the most popular guy in school shouldn't settle with one girl and that she doesn't care that he likes Alli. Then she tells him she will be in the boiler room at 4 for no strings attached sex.

Then Drew does poorly on a exam because has a boner.

Clare tells Fritz that Eli only set him up to save her because she set off the stink bomb to stop Fritz from fighting Adam. A fight I want to again point out that Adam won without help. Fritz tells Clare he won't put Eli in the hospital if she goes to Vegas night with him. Uh-oh! I bet Eli gets jealous when Clare goes to the dance with Fritz and she doesn't tell him about the plan for no reason.

Alli starts talking about the exam in some sort of moon man math language that leaves Drew confused. Alli must be some sort of idiot savant since she is great with math but routinely does things in everyday life that makes me wonder why she doesn't have a handler.

Drew wants Alli to take care of his boner but she has to go get ready for Vegas Night. I guess he has to cheat on her now? What choice is there?

Clare tries to explain her situation to Eli with a WWI analogy. Adam just spits it out (that's what she said). Clare explains how she thinks the feud will end if she goes on the date with Fritz. You know what else would end the feud? Not punching Fritz or trying to get him arrested.

DTNG 1023

Eli confronts Fritz and tries to intimidate him which doesn't work because it's Eli. Fritz then implies that he is going to bone Clare, and by imply I mean he says he is going to bone her.

DTNG 1023

It's time to get ready for Vegas night with Alli, Clare, and…Jenna? Remember the last time a girl stayed friends with the girl who stole her first boyfriend? That has never happened. While Alli and Jenna are cool with looking like a whore and pregnant whore, Clare dresses conservatively to not give Fritz the wrong idea. Clare explains why she is going to the dance with Fritz but talks too fast which only further confuses Jenna. Alli, however, understands and is jealous that her life doesn't have this much drama. If only Drew would go have sex in the boiler room, then she would be like the teens on TV.

Eli shows up and has a favor to ask Clare, he wants her to poison Fritz. Well, it's just ipecac, stuff that will make him barf. Why does Eli have this? Eli says Fritz is a bad person because he makes girls slip drugs into people's drinks. No wait, that's Eli. Eli says the only way to control bullies is to keep them scared. Clare likens this to terrorism and as a Christian she can't be a terrorist so she is out.

DTNG 1023

Bianca is in the boiler room ready to have sex with the first person to come in. Will it be Drew or the janitor? Only time will tell.

Drew shows up and seems really nervous. If he doesn't want to sex her up then why did he even go there? Maybe he forgot his keys in the boiler room and is too nervous to tell her that's why he is there. Maybe he fears Mankind is going to attack him

Why doesn't Degrassi have a lock on the boiler room to being with? The logic of this entire series all falls down.

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