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Degrassi: "Love Lockdown" part 1

Season 10 Episodes 27 & 28
Canadian airdate: October 15 & 22, 2010

Boycott the Caf name: "The Return of Declan"
Important characters: Declan, Holly J, Clare, Eli
Issue of the Week: Declan returns to Degrassi seeking lost love

Part [1 - 2]

Declan is in Toronto because the Tony Awards Canada are being held at Degrassi and he is in the competition for best play about space. He also aims to win back Holly J, or his sister. Either one is good.

Chante Black is trying to convince Snake not to shut down Power Squad. All student groups that are unsupervised are being shut down. This will make the school safe somehow. It comes as a surprise to me that there isn't an adult supervisor in some capacity. I think it's illegal in America to not have an adult in charge even if they don't do anything other than make sure nobody gets murdered during practice. Chante could be the adult supervisor since she is in her mid-twenties but then school officials would realize her continued enrollment is a clerical error and she would barred from the school and the free hot lunches she loves so dearly.

Sav wants to have sex with Holly J in the student council room. He has learned his lesson from casino night. You know, the night people got in trouble for having sex in the school. He should remember, he was one of them. Holly J denies his request and then tells him she has plans with Declan. Sav has reason to be concerned because Declan is rich and not greasy.

The teacher tells Eli that the new dress code is not mortician. That's a pretty harsh burn from a teacher. She should have said Morticia, because that would also imply he's a woman.

Eli goes to talk to Clare who is acting like she hasn't forgiven Eli, but then she immediately forgives him. Oh good, we almost had some character development there. Good thing we have their relationship in the same place it was before the near stabbing. Eli has tickets to see the guy who wrote Fight Club read an unpublished section of the book, but Clare has the theater awards the same night! Looks like she is going to have to go to both at the same time, with hilarious consequences, or she will go to the reading after the awards end. Lots of old people are into theater so the award ceremony begins at 5 o'clock.

Chante Black tries to fight for the right to have cheerleaders, by going on her blog! Oh my, a high schooler's blog, her essay on the importance of after school activities and team pride will be read by nearly a dozen people. Unfortunately, the school has blocked her blog, Facerange, Twatter, Myroom, and a number of other parody sites. The new teacher explains that this is because the school officials think that keeping students in the dark keeps them safe. No, this is because Degrassi has finally met the standards of every public high school since 1999 and put up a firewall.

There is also a cell phone jammer in place. Deary me, students might have to actually learn while at school.

Declan tells Holly J that he is setting up a scholarship so she thinks he is sensitive and has sex with him he can help poor people. Holly J reveals that she is dating Sav and Declan plays along that he believes her even though it is obviously a lie to make him jealous and Sav was the only single guy she could think of.

Clare's parents are fighting like cats and Jews. Her mom is mad because dad was late and dad is made because mom is a bitch who never gives him sex. They fight through the entire Tony Awards Canada. That guy back there is this close to saying something to them. Their fighting is intense enough they don't even notice that Clare won the award for best sets in a Christian themed musical.

After giving a speech, Clare walks backstage and Eli is there. It's good to know that with all these new security installments nobody was able to keep random people from wandering backstage during the awards ceremony. Clare decides that if her parents are going to be dicks, then she is going to break curfew and go to the book reading.

On stage, Declan has won best director for his play Space Cases. He calls Holly J his collaborator, muse, and number one caterer during the speech. This is the first time a man has used a speech during a theater award to try to impress a woman.

Declan invites Holly J and Sav to a celebration party at The Dot After Hours, Declan is only throwing the party to get back into Holly J's pants. Step one: Distract Sav with DJ equipment. Sure it will ruin everybody else's night because he has no talent, but Declan is evil and doesn't care.

With Sav successfully distracted, Declan tries to convince Holly J to come back with her, or at least give him a handsies in the alley behind the club. Holly J says that ain't happening, she's chosen Sav and she is sticking with him as long as she can stand it.

High off of teenage rebelliousness, Clare decides to get her nipples pierced.

Chante is trying to rally the other cheerleaders to fight but only two show up to make a plan and neither one really cares. They don't want to get suspended so they can wear short skirts and cheer during games. Chante won't accept this. She broke a girl's leg over cheerleading once, and she isn't going to stop just because a school board is against her.

It's getting so late that Clare is getting calls from her parents every 20 seconds. Eli thinks she should go home because if she breaks curfew with him her parents will blame him and he wants them to approve of the relationship. Clare convinces him to ignore these misgivings by making out with him.

When Clare finally goes home, well past her 6pm curfew, her parents try to yell at her but she is so cheeky that they are flabbergasted. I never had a curfew, or parents, but if I was this cheeky to them I would have gotten such a spanking on my bottom.

Fiona gets drunk at the party, but it's drunkenness to help Declan. Holly J goes home with her to help her throw up, and nothing gets a young woman in the mind for forbidden love like having vomit on her shoes.

Declan knows the way to get a lady is to suck on her shoulder after not calling a cab for her like you said you would. This is called romance. Or rape. One of the two. Holly J says no, but doesn't actually move or fight back, so I guess it is romance. I'm not one of those people who blame the victims, but I think if your rape could be stopped by getting off the couch and you don't try standing up, then it's not rape. You're sending out mixed singles by having sex with the dude. I don't know, maybe Declan is using some Jedi mind tricks on Holly J. This IS the boner you are looking for.

Lets go on to part 2 to see how Holly J reacts.

Part [1 - 2]

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