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Degrassi: "The Way We Get By" part 1

Season 10 Episodes 35 & 36
Canadian airdates: February 18 and 25, 2011

Boycott the Caf name: Basketball Jones
Important characters: Drew, Bianca, Riley, Alli
Issue of the Week: Bad Girls

Part [1 - 2]

I am at the laundromat reviewing Degrassi. I don't want to be at the laundromat reviewing Degrassi because I am borrowing my friend's Playstation 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4. However the laundry needs to be done. I was just going to buy more underwear and ignore the laundry except the pile fell on me and I was trapped underneath it. Luckily I could see the TV and was holding the controller at the time so I kept playing. Unfortunately I had recently eaten Taco Bell which made me poop loads of diarrhea into my clothes. Nancy came home and freed me but was unhappy about the poopy clothes and now I have to do the laundry.

The episode begins with Drew making the winning basket for Degrassi's team. I wonder if he is going to get molestered by the couch.

To celebrate KC and Mini-Connor are going to make out with their girls. Drew, without a girl opts out saying he will stay back to work on his jump shot. Yeah, his jump shot. With his penis. He is going to work his penis. He is going to masturbate his penis.

Degrassi is brought to you by Life cereal. If you watch Degrassi then you need a Life.

Alli is bummed that she doesn't have friends at her new school. She's been there for like a year now. Being the new kid only gets you so much friendless credit before you got to admit that you are unlikable. Sav feels bad for Alli and gives her cereal. Man, I just don't understand Pakistani customs.

Back at Degrassi, no girl will give Drew the time of day. He must not be wearing enough Axe. Most teenagers smell like they spray about three cans of it per day, so maybe he stopped after only one. Bianca still want him though and tells him to call her. He knows her number because it is written in the bathroom.

As it turns out Drew has been blacklisted by the girls of Degrassi because he hooked up with Bianca. Never mind that Drew was getting cozy with Jess in "Halo". We are supposed to believe his reputation makes him undesirable. Jess meanwhile was drafted and killed in Vietnam.

Over here in the C plot, Zane invites Riley to go to an art show. Zane's old boy toy will be there. Riley says no because he is retarded and doesn't see why not doing what your significant other wants when his ex will be there is not a good idea.

Alli is trying to force a girl her parents think is well behaved to be her friend so her parents will think she is well behaved. She does this by walking up to the girl and butting in on her conversation while the girl ignores her. Gee, I wonder why Alli has no friends. Alli convinces the girl to come over for dinner in order to make both of their parents happy. Seem odd to me, I just don't get Persian customs.

Riley has decided to go to the art show, but he needs Anya to give him a makeover first. In this case, a makeover is going into his closet and making him wear a black shirt. I went to an art show once, I just wore a t-shirt and jeans, then I drank wine while underage. Good times.

Bianca wants Drew. Drew doesn't want her. Then he makes out with her when she says she is too bored to care about what he thinks. Love blooms.

I think they are destined because they both have red shirts. Everybody else seems to be wearing blue shirts.

Bianca suggests they go to the drive-in. Are there even any drive-ins open anymore? I haven't seen one in person since the late 90s when the one in my town closed down and became a swap meet, and then later that year an abandoned lot.

The drive-in in my old hometown was built along the highway, and was surrounded by woods, except for one random house behind it. I wonder if a selling point for the house was that you could watch movies for free.

Mini-Connor and KC disprove of Drew taking Bianca out with them because she has a bad rep. I'm not sure why she has a bad rep. We've only seen her do three things

  1. Take over Alli's dance troupe

  2. Drink with KC

  3. Make out with Drew

At least Bianca hasn't faked being pregnant, ruined a charitable event with pizza, or dated Mini-Connor. Dating any of the Condors is just nasty.

I don't think Zane's old boyfriend Thomas is gay. He just seems like a huge puss. He probably claims he is gay so if people punch him for having an annoying lisp it is technically a hate crime.

Alli has Malarkey, the girl from school her parents like, over for dinner. Then they plan a sleep over. Why is Alli even on the show? Its called Degrassi, not Degrassi and People Who Go to Other Schools. The only person she is interacting with is Sav. It's like they are trying to get her a spinoff.

Unlike literally every other show ever, Riley, despite hating art, isn't completely unable to make guesses at what the artist means when he looks at the piece. However, he rips on some abstract art before realizing it belongs to Thomas. Uh oh the person Riley doesn't like is mad at him! This upsets both Thomas and Zane because everybody has to like abstract art. Also, Thomas is a fop. An insult! Oh my, somebody get the smelling salts I feel a swoon coming upon!

Bianca shows up at the basketball game and like everybody in the audience and the teams stare at her. What is up? Is her "bad reputation" that she shot the prime minister? Why do people care so much about her?

Bianca's presence causes the team to do poorly because she is a witch. Luckily, Drew hits a last second shot to win at the buzzer. This would be way more exciting if it hadn't already happened this episode. Drew wants to take Bianca with his crew to celebrate but Jenna and other girl don't like this idea, so he and his new lady go off on their own.

Zane goes to Riley's house and tells Riley not to pretend to be interested in things he isn't interested in. Which is the opposite of what he wanted at the beginning of the episode. Initially it seems like this plot exists for no reason, but then the truth comes out. While Zane and Riley start to make out, San Francisco Riley's mom comes in with some snacks. Apparently quesadillas. Best mom ever. She runs from the gayness, but now Riley will have to tell his parents the truth. This is interesting and gripping. You know what would have been awesome, if this scene happened before the credits and we had this plot instead of the art one. Troy Lavin!

That girl from the Alli plot came over for dinner, and then agreed to a sleepover. As it turns out, she is not as good as she seems. She smokes and is going to sneak out to see her boyfriend, and Alli has to cover for her. Okay, I understand this Palestinian custom.

If the end of this part of the review seems rushed its because my computer deleted my original ending and a WILL NOT watch this episode again.

Part [1 - 2]

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