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Degrassi: "Drop the World" part 1

Season 10 Episodes 43 & 44
Canadian airdate: April 15 & 22, 2011

Part [1 - 2]

Here it is, the season finale. It took a little work to get this episode. The person who we normally go to for uploads lost interest in Degrassi and didn't upload it. Yes they lost interest right after seeing the season finale. That's not a good sign.

Eli is pumped because a story he wrote was featured in Teen Goth Quarterly. He also listed Clare as a co writer because she helped him edit. Since she edited, and didn't write, he could have credited her as an editor, but who am I to care. Getting credit bothers Clare. She is also unhappy when Eli proposes they lock themselves in a dark room with a typewriter so they can start working on a novel. She is having flashbacks to Resident Evil.

Clare sees Alli and decides that just because they haven't talked yet this season it doesn't mean she can't try to use her friend as an excuse to get away from crazy Eli. Clare mentions the upcoming dance, I guess they have dances every week now, and Eli scoffs at the idea that a published writer would be concerned about something as silly as a high school dance. I'm not sure why published writers can't enjoy dances, Eli is probably just retarded.

Check out that Boggle game they have. It has a built in electric timer. That's some futuristic shit right there. Jimmy must have heard Holly J was sick and brought it back to cheer her up.

Sav has somehow convinced Snake to make it so the dance won't have a dress code. This is going to be his legacy as student body president. Sure he wasn't the most effective leader, and he certainly fumbled during Dancegate 2010, but at least he is going out on a strong note with the end of dress codes at dances. There are going to be a lot of girls dressed like prostitutes and boys flying gang colors.

Holly J made a list of the pros and cons of dating Sav. The biggest reason of course is the fact that he is Sav. She also wrote wrote "not feeling it" I'd make a penis size joke but the thought of anybody having sex with Sav disgusts me. Fiona and Anya see the list and proceed to make fun of Holly J for making a pros and cons list. Also Fiona is gay now. I guess that if she can't have her brother then no man will do.

The English teacher is concerned because the story Eli write is about a guy who murders his girlfriend. Normally I would say it's dumb to assume somebody is going to kill because they wrote a story about killing but Eli does have a hearse and a dead ex. Eli insists that he has never thought about murdering Clare. The character Melie and his girlfriend Blaire are completely made up.

Since he is a published author, Eli decides it would be cool to go to a gothic literature convention in Bloomington and of course wants his lady to be by his side. He goes to Clare's house to ask her mom if Clare can come to. He does this before actually asking Clare because he is strange. Mom says no because Clare is only 15. Maybe my parents were wild rebels but I was allowed to go on trips with friends when I was 8. Eli's parents are the ones taking him. His dad even came with Eli to ask if she could come. At what age is it appropriate to go on vacation? Its not like this is a situation where she is worried about her daughter going to the big city or something, they live in Toronto. She must think Eli's parents will buy her booze.

Jenna just had her baby shower. I think she's in her 20th trimester by now. Alli wonders why KC isn't helping clean up the baby shower. Because he isn't there, Jenna sent him to play basketball during the shower, also the mother's friends are supposed to throw the shower, which includes cleaning up. KC has also failed to put together a crib. This is supposed to have significance.

Jenna goes to yell at KC for playing basketball after she told him to play basketball instead of putting together the crib. She is acting like the kid needs to use the crib right now. I think even if he waited until after she gave birth he would have a few hours between the baby being born and it needing to use the crib that he could use to assemble it. KC gets props, instead of letting Jenna scold him, he screams at her like his name is Jack White and hers is Meg before returning to his game.

The next day Jenna gives KC a breakfast sandwich to apologize about yelling and he admits he should have made the crib. This is a perfectly logical and acceptable ending to their conflict. Okay then.

Then for some reason Jenna decides KC needs a bachelor party on the night of the dance and the Mini-Connor should throw it. Mini-Connor thinks a fun bachelor party consists of video games.

Clare likes happy music and dancing. Eli criticizes her for not acting more like a World of Darkness LARPer. Then he whips out the gothic convention tickets and tells Clare how he already asked her mom if she could go. This iritates Clare because its kind of rude to assume somebody will go on a trip with you without ever bringing it up before. Eli wanted it to be a surprise. The best kind of surprises are the ones that you care about way more than the other person.

The next day Clare and Alli converse about Eli. Alli somehow is the voice of reason pointing out that dating somebody who writes stories about dead girlfriends and is also known to poison people is not a good idea. Claire also remembers that Eli's girlfriend died a year ago on spring break. That explains why he wants to go on vacation with her! It's a murdercation!

Holly J is still struggling with her dilemma about breaking up with a guy she doesn't like. She tried asking Sav why he likes her and he said it's because she is the only non-relative who will talk to him. He also says he will be sad if he loses her. This doesn't help, not sure why she was trying to accomplish by asking that. Maybe she thought he would say he has no idea why he likes her because she is a fat ho and then it would be easy to break up with him.

Anya makes a joke to Holly J about how it's easy to break up with Sav because she has done it a bunch of times. That's cold Anya, you use to be the caring one in this relationship but now you have overtaken your mentor. This is like when a Sith apprentice bests the master.

Holly J tries to break up with Sav but he asks her to the spring dance instead. I think he knows she wants to break up with him and is countering her every effort with well planned precision. Holly J even tries to end the relationship by introducing herself to his parents, banking on the fact having a girlfriend is a great disgrace to his family. I think they immigrated to Canada from the 1700s. However even this doesn't work. Eventually Holly J breaks up with Sav by telling him she wants to break up with him. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

Eli has gotten lame lately but I do like his leather jacket.

Clare thinks Eli isn't over his murdered ex because he planed a trip on her death date. She must think that Eli planned when Gothicon 2009 would be held. I think that in Degrassi time its 2009. I'm not sure. Anyways Clare breaks up with Eli. We can't have any Degrassi couple staying together over the break, who knows who might get a show on the CW?

Eli destroys part of those ruins they threw a party in once then hangs a picture of his dead girlfriend up and yells at her. This is funny if you imagine him digging the picture out of his closet and carrying it to the ruins.

The episode ends with Eli shooting the picture because holy fuck that actually is dramatic. What the hell is going to happen next?

Part [1 - 2]