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Chris SharpeChris Sharpe

Nicknames: Mush Mouth
Quotable Quotes: "This is my girlfriend Mylanta."

Chris is very hard to understand. He sounds like Mush Mouth from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. He likes to DJ and dated a girl who may have been named Mylanta. I may be wrong, but Chris is always mumbling. He left Mylanta and eventually started dating Emma, but left her when he found out she is crazy and tries to get former boyfriends arrested. I think he got back together with her; Chris is so boring I honestly don't care.

Finale Grade: D

He does nothing interesting and as an added bonus can't speak English. He started as a background character who managed to fight his way onto the regular cast, so you have to give him that, but other than his undying determination, he has no positive qualities.