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Darcy EdwardsDarcy Edwards

Nickname: The Christian
Quotable Quotes: "Jesus loves us all Spinner, now I'm going to give you a hand job."

Darcy was introduced late in season four. She is a Christian, which based off of Spinner's reactions, are not that common in Canada. Darcy's first appearance, as far as I'm concerned, is in "West End Girls" where she along with Chante, break Paige's leg. That was pretty sweet. Breaking legs doesn't really go along with that whole "hardcore Christian" thing that the writers introduced later on, but I've learned to ignore things like that. Besides it was pretty sweet, they totally just threw Paige in the air and let her fall.

Darcy just gets cooler once she starts dating Spinner. Sure her Christian tendencies have affected their relationship a little. Like Spinner wanted to have sex with her on their first date but as a Christian, Darcy believes in waiting for marriage. They comprised and she blew him in the movie theater, and again at the snack bar.

Final Grade: A

I like Darcy, she may be new but she has a lot of potential. She's dating Spinner for one thing, and that's a guaranteed A. There's also the distinct possibility that if I give her a bad grade she will break my leg. I don't want to push her, those Christians are nuts.