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Dean Walton

Nickname: Mean Dean the Rape Machine
Quotable Quotes: "I'm gonna make hate to you."

Dean is the closest thing Degrassi: the Next Generation has to a villain. Much like Skeletor from Masters of the Universe and Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers, he is constantly on the prowl, trying to cause trouble for our heroes and rape any woman who comes within range.

Dean made his first appearance in the episode "Shout". Paige sees him while she's cheerleading for a soccer game. Spinner is on the soccer team so I don't know how she was able to notice any other man on the field, but somehow Dean caught her eye. Spinner must have been in the bathroom at the time, or maybe Paige is into older men. Dean looks like he's too old for high school, and then in a later episode he is in a fraternity so he must be in college. That college must have a shitty athletics program if they're losing to high school teams. Paige talks to Dean after the game and gets herself invited to a party that Dean is throwing that Friday. Paige can't go because she is scheduled to pleasure Spinner orally that night, and you just don't cancel on Spinner. One time Spinner's dentist cancelled an appointment because he had just gotten shot by a gang of rival dentists in a street brawl. Long story short, Spinner went down to that hospital and finished the job.

Well the next day, Spinner calls up Paige, turns out his Grandmother is sick and he needs to cancel. Spinner is quite the class act, he could just ignore his grandmother and go have a good time, but nope, he's going to help out grandma. Spinner is a great man. Paige decides that she can go to the party since Spinner isn't going to be taking her out. This is mistake number one. I don't care if Spinner breaks a date with you, you don't go out without another man. You just sit at home and wait for next time. Paige is too stupid to realize this and decides to go to Dean's party.

At the party, Dean invites her up to his room. For some reason Paige thinks he is inviting her up there for something other then sex, and is very surprised when he exposes himself. Dean then proceeds to rape her like he's Mike Tyson and she's one of the many woman who has been raped by Mike Tyson. Paige is understandably upset about getting raped but decides to not tell anybody, because nobody believes it would be possible for Paige to not have sex with somebody.

She later gets over the rape by singing a song about how she dislikes being raped. This song is so powerful that its anti-rape message drives Dean away from the concert that he had decided to go to so that he could rub her rape into Paige's face. Take that Dean, way to rape people.

Some time later Paige decides to bring up Dean on rape charges after she sees him hanging around Manny. To bad Dean already raped that Latina driving her into Craig's caring arms, which is kind of ironic. He inspired Paige to rock out and inspired Manny to get impregnated by a rock star. Zany. Also somewhere in that whole mess, Dean is attacked by JT while he is dressed up like a tiger. That was awesome.

Then some time later Paige, Spinner, Marco, and Jimmy I think attended a party at Dylan's college. I think I should point out at this point that I'm doing this bio without the help of websites because the only non-Boycott the Caff website that has good episode reviews is and I am angry at them. Tvtome was awesome but know it's and has a really shitty layout. Why is it when something is perfect they decide to fix it up more and ruin it? Damn you may God not have mercy on your collective souls.

Oh well, anyways, it turns out Dean goes to the same college as they are partying at because there are only two colleges in Canada and the other one is run by Mormons so gays and rapists can't go there. Paige is upset that Dean was not found guilty of rape and she rams his car. Which wouldn't be bad but she rams it with Spinner's car. Weak, woman. This time Dean takes her to court and WINS. Take that Paige. Not only were you raped but now you have a criminal record and have to pay Spinner for repairs. You messed with Dean and he kicked your ass.

Damn that bio was long. I originally meant for it to be much shorter.

Final Grade: B

Rape is not cool, especially with Paige when he could have given her another beer and she would have been tossing her panties at him, so I can't give him a perfect grade. However I like him because after he raped Paige she acted nice every once in a while. Plus that scene where JT attacks him is awesome.