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Elle NashEllie Nash

Nicknames: Goth Girl
Quotable Quotes: "Real musicians coming through."

Elle is the person who people make friends with when they are in desperate need of a friend. Ashley became her friend after she overdosed on happy pills and all her old friends abandoned her. Marco became her friend when he needed a cover for his homosexuality. Sean befriended her when all his non-Candy Bandits friends left him because he was a dirty crook. Ellie is the perfect last resort for lonely people.

The trouble is, Ellie never knows how to properly play her role of temporary friend. She tried to stay friends with Ashley long after Ashley's real friends forgave her. She tried to get in on with Marco, despite the fact she knew he was gay and she was just his cover. Then she invited Marco on her date with Sean, what the hell? You don't invite a homo on your date unless you need somebody to drive.

The only story of interest I can even think of that concerns Ellie is the one where she cuts herself. That episode is more funny then dramatic since she does it with one of those safety protractors that are designed so that you can't cut yourself with them. She must have tried like hell to make herself bleed with that thing. Damn kids these days don't even know the proper way to cut their wrists.

Final Grade: C+

Other then being a Goth, Ellie has no outstanding annoying features. In fact, she has so little personality that she hardly ever talks, and when she does it is never anything important plot wise. If Ellie was never included on the show it would make very little difference. However, her recent developments with Sean are enough to bump her up to an above average score.