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Emma NelsonEmma Nelson

Nicknames: Hippie
Quotable Quotes: "I did what I thought was right."

Emma is that girl who believes in standing up for the right thing and never backing down, qhixh is so popular in children's programming for some reason. I figure the target demographic for Degrassi (14 year old girls) was still young and stupid enough to like her.

So Emma goes around fighting for what she thinks is right and defending the planet and what not. I don't know, this sort of thing worked on Captain Planet and Ghostwriter, but here it just sort of seems unnecessary. Emma doesn't even seem to succeed in fighting for things that often. Her attempt to get people to stop buying toilet seats made out of the rain forest was a failure due to Manny becoming a slut, and she waited to protest against the Caf until after Spinner did it. She doesn't even protest against the Caf for the right reasons. Sure genetically modified food isn't a pleasant thought, but that place is crawling with earwigs, and earwigs are a hell of a lot less healthy then a potato genetically combined with ham.

Emma's major love interest for quite some time was Sean. There's no real reason why they are attracted to each other, they have no shared interests and Sean is poor. They break up after Sean was corrupted by the Candy Bandits. Neither one of them take the break up well. Sean steals Mr. Simpson's computer and Emma decides to lie and claim she saw him take it. I tell you when most middle schoollers break up, they spread mean rumors about each other, and maybe rip up some photos. Emma and Sean, on the other hand, committee felonies.

Emma eventually ends up getting together with Chris because she is attracted to people who can't talk and wear funny hats. However, their love is short lived after Chris realizes that if he breaks up with her, she'll try to get him arrested. Plus in the world of Degrassi, interracial dating is frowned upon.

Emma is a direct connection to the old Degrassi series. You see, her mom is Spike from Degrassi High. Her birth father is some guy who is retarded or something, and her step father is Mr. Simpson a.k.a. Snake, also from Degrassi High. I don't know anything about their exciting and tantalizing past because I have never seen that show. I remember reading that Kevin Smith used to watch it, so send any questions you may have about Spike and Snake to him.

Final Grade: C

I'm pretty neutral towards Emma. She is kind of annoying, and the show focused on her a lot during the beginning, but she is barely on now, so it all equals out. Plus if it wasn't for her, whose basement would Manny have sex in, who would give Spinner food that would cause him to get aroused, and god damn it who would wear blue pants with pictures of flaming dolphins on them?