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Hazel Aden

Seasons featured: 1-5

Nickname: Paige's slave

Gimmicks: Is black and stands next to Paige a lot

Defining Trait: Manages to be completely unremarkable despite being on the show for five seasons

Greatest Moments: None

If She Were an Animal: A chameleon for her ability to blend into the background

Hazel is Paige's friend who does very little other than be near Paige.

That's pretty much it, do I have to keep writing?

Okay apparently I do. In her Degrassi run Hazel has one episode. I'm pretty sure Kendra got at least two. This episode in centered around International Day. Hazel is ashamed to be a Muslim from Somalia and instead pretends to be a Jamaican. The only other Muslim in Canada suspects Hazel is lying, possibly because there are only two Muslim families in Canada and she has seen Hazel at the little mosque on the prairie. After the other Muslim has her International Day booth vandalized Hazel realizes she needs to stand up for her fellow Islamist and reveals the truth making everybody realize that stereotypes and discrimination are wrong.

Lets see, what else? She dated Jimmy for like two years. This was a weird relationship because it rarely came up and Hazel was rarely seen with Jimmy. In those two years I think they had about four episodes where they did stuff as a couple.

Hazel's departure from the show was much like her entire tenure, completely unmemorable because nothing happened. The actress just stopped showing up to work one day.

Rating: D-

Hazel does less than minor characters who were on the show for one season. It took her like three years to even get main character status during the credit sequence. Hazel is just pathetic and her only purpose on the show was to make Paige look popular by giving her a friend.