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Jimmy Brooks

Seasons featured: 1-7 regular character, 8 special guest

Nicknames: Black guy (1-3) Black guy in a wheel chair (4-8)

Gimmicks: Spinner's sidekick, Black (1-3) In a wheel chair (4-8)

Defining Traits: Good at anything he wants to do. If he wants to play basketball he's great at basketball. One episode he decided he was good at drawing and became a great artist. More recently he decided he would no longer be a cripple and can walk again, sort of. He is also from the future.

Greatest Moments: Opened a t-shirt store with Spinner. The store failed but before that happened he was able to convince Spinner to be his t-shirt model. This mean he got to watch Spinner change shirts a lot, and seeing a shirtless Spinner is always a great moment

If He Were an Animal: Lion

Jimmy is black and from the future. Those traits are separate. He isn't from the future because he is black nor is he black because he is from the future. It just happens that when the Future Council was choosing people to send to the past to study Canadian culture they chose a group of black people to lead the mission.

We find out Jimmy is from the future in the episode “Coming of Age.” In “Coming of Age” we are shown Jimmy's house and everything in it is metal and run by computers. It's pretty obvious Jimmy is from the future. Also his parents don't love him. Love is an obsolete emotion They never come home or prepare dinner for Jimmy because they are so busy studying our primitive culture.

Jimmy, despite the disapproval of Supreme Councilor Cy-Tron, began dating Ashley. This relationship lasts throughout season 1 and is very boring. The only time it is interesting is when they almost have sex and they don't even go through with it. Lame! They break up because Ashley gets all high and makes out with Sean. This understandably upsets Jimmy. I guess it's also note worthy that he and Sean had a rivalry going throughout the season. Sean beat Jimmy up a few times and made out with Jimmy's girlfriend so I'm going to declare him the winner.

Jimmy does even less in season 2. He tries to date Ashley again but it fails because she is a Goth and no longer is interested in people like Jimmy. Jimmy is cool, plays sports and baths. Ashley writes shitty poetry, plays shitty music, and wears a lot of eye liner. It just won't work out. Jimmy also has an episode long rivalry with Spinner where Spinner steals all of his stuff. What's with Jimmy and having rivalries with people much cooler than he is?

Season 3, Jimmy dates Hazel and doesn't hate Marco for being gay. You know, for being a main character Jimmy has so far had very few interesting escapades. I guess he just sort of sits around more interesting people like Spinner and comments on their adventures. Season 4 makes up for this since Jimmy gets thrown head first into the famous Rick storyline. Like everybody at Degrassi Jimmy makes fun of Rick and calls him “ginger balls.”

After both he and Rick end up on Whack Your Brain team they end up being friends, in the sense that Jimmy will tolerate Rick and stop throwing him in dumpsters. Rick repays the friendship by shooting Jimmy in the side of his back which paralyzes him. Rick thought Jimmy had set up the paint to be dumped on his head. Jimmy had nothing to do with that, Alex Spinner and Jay set it up. Jimmy finds out about Spinner's involvement and disowns him. Oddly enough when Paige starts dating Alex he's never like “Hey, thanks for the support. I appreciate how you are dating the person who caused me to be paralyzed.”

Season 5 is a low point in Jimmy's life. He ends up falling for Ellie, which causes his relationship with Hazel to end. He and Hazel had been dating for two seasons at this point. You might not have realized this since they only brought up the fact that they are dating in like three episodes, but they were dating the entire time I guess. Then when Jimmy asks Ellie out she denies him. He got denied by Ellie of all people. That sucks hard. Eventually Jimmy has to settle with going out with Ashley again. If there is anything worse then dating Ashley I don't know what it is.

The one high point in season 5 for Jimmy is that at the end of the season he becomes friends with Spinner again. The next season the two of them open a t-shirt store together, because that's what people in high school do. They open businesses. Oh yeah, Jimmy is still repeating high school. He missed so much school because he was paralyzed that he has to repeat 12th grade. Degrassi won't let somebody get a free pass just because they got shot on school grounds by a kid the school failed to protect from bullying.

In season 7 Jimmy breaks up with Ashley because she is a huge cunt. He also decides that he wants to be an awesome rapper so he is. Most of the Wikipedia page on Jimmy just talks about Spinner when it comes to season 7. Even Wikipedia knows what the public wants. Jimmy dates some crippled girl or something.

Rating: C+

I was originally going to give Jimmy a higher grade. He's likable, intelligent and very articulate. However after looking it over and realizing that while he is often in the spotlight, he never does anything interesting, I must dock a few points. Also he keeps dating Ashley, so I need to dock even more. Jimmy has the worse luck with dating. First its Ashley, then Hazel and then Ashley again. I hope this crippled girl works out because I doubt he will do any better.