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Kendra MasonKendra Mason

Nicknames: none
Quotable Quotes: I don't recall her ever saying anything cool, so here's another Spinner quote: "The whole female race is a slave for Spinner."

Kendra is Spinner's adopted sister. She is from China originally, and it is never revealed at what age she was adopted. She was introduced so that Toby could meet a girl who likes anime. As we all know, no non-Asian females like anime, unless you count the really effeminate men that like anime as girls.

I don't think there is anything I can say about Kendra that she can't say better herself, so here is an excerpt of Kendra's online journal:

Hi every1 who reads this! I don't wanna tell U too much personal stuff about me on the website. Wh@'s going on with me? All kinds of stuff. Probably the same stuff as stuff th@s going on with u. School, after school stuff, floor hockey, soccer, making some more anime drawings, playing Unreal Tournament 2003 at , updating locker page, more school, getting annoyed with idiot/protector brother... It's SO annoying. Whenever something happens, tries to step in and fight my battles. If everyone knew what a pathetic wuss he really is he wouldn't be able to scare ne1. He's totally scared of me and i'm 2 years younger and way smaller but i'm tuff and he's a big wuss if you really know him. That's y I still like him when he spends half the time bein such a goof. Like when he found out th@ toby has condums & he went after him and tried to scare him to make sure he wouldn't try to use the condums with his little helpless sister. As if! I told Toby wh@ I thought about the condums and he got the point loud and clear I think. Now I don't need Gavin stepping in to make things worse. I can take care of myself without him getting in the way specially when it comes Toby! He needs to butt out!

Man, she sure can't type.

Final Grade: C

Kendra is lame because she dates Toby. On the other hand, she is related with Spinner so she must be somewhat cool. We the viewer will probably never know since she rarely, if ever, is on the show. Mostly they just use her as a background character so that they don't have to go through the trouble of hiring an extra.