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Liberty Van ZandtLiberty Van Zandt

Nicknames: Stupid Bitch
Quotable Quotes: "You know what, Emma? Go back to rain forests and whales. Because when it comes to people, you suck!"

Nobody likes Liberty, though sometimes it may seem like she has a friend. In early episodes you can see her hanging out with Emma and Manny, but this isn't because they like her. They are just too nice to tell her to leave them alone.

Coach Armstrong on the other hand likes Liberty, a lot, a whole lot. So much that he seduced her. I have heard of a lot of sick fetishes in my day, I have heard of people who are turned on to drawings of pregnant fox women covered in feces, and that doesn't strike me as odd or disgusting as a man who is attracted to Liberty. Liberty and Coach Armstrong are able to disguise their sick love by claiming Liberty is retarded. Which makes sense, until you realize she is one of the smartest people in the school. Luckily with all the abortions, rapes, and candy thieves in Degrassi Community School, nobody pays attention to a little teacher/student love.

Liberty eventually starts dating one of the Candy Bandits, whose name is never revealed. (I just found out the guys name is Towerz, that's a pretty kick ass name). It is never explained if she still has sex with Coach Armstrong or not, nor is it ever explained why the unnamed man never speaks.

Liberty is one of the smartest people in Degrassi, and it's too bad because she has absolutely no social skills. She is arrogant, rude, irritating, and a bunch of other words which show how much I dislike her. She is quick to tell other people what she feels but completely lacks the ability to convey her message in a way not to piss somebody off, either the person she is talking to or me. Jesus Christ I hate her.

Final Grade: F

Fuck you Liberty. You possess no positive qualities. Not only are you unlikable but you don't even have the decently to become a villain. Imagine if Liberty raped Paige and smashed Terri with a rock. That would be fucking awesome.