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Marco Del Rossi and DylanMarco Del Rossi

Nicknames: Homo
Quotable Quotes: "Spinner, I'm gay."

Dylan Michalchuk

Nicknames: Paige's Gay Brother
Quotable Quotes: none

Marco is an interesting example of something that other shows don't seem to be able to do. He is gay, but not so overly gay that it makes the character unlikable, or a joke. Maybe it has to with the fact that he didn't start out gay. As far as I can figure out, he started as a background character that ended up standing next Spinner enough that the producers decided to give him a name and have him start talking.

Marco makes his first appearance of significance in "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" where he beats both Jimmy and Spinner in a dance contest. Obviously, he was able to accomplish this feat thanks to his natural gay dancing abilities, and the fact that Spinner and Jimmy were in the middle of a fight. If the two of them were on the same side Marco would have easily fallen.

I'm pretty sure Marco doesn't appear again for a while until "Drive" where Spinner, Craig, Jimmy, and Sean all act as if they are fairly good friends with him. Which goes to show, win a dance contest and people will become your friend. How you use this piece of information is up to you. I used it to get friends after winning dance contests, but that's just me.

Marco realizes that he is gay after a sex educator tells him he is gay or something. I don't think I ever actually saw that episode, or at least I don't remember it. Anyways, Marco knows he is gay but is scared to tell anybody, so what does he do? He goes to everybody's favorite last resort, Ellie, and starts dating her. She becomes aware of the sham, but agrees to keep dating him since nobody ever talks to her, unless of course they need a fake girlfriend or they lost all their friends due to drugs. Eventually, Ellie tires of Marco because dating a gay guy isn't very good for the old sex life. The two break up, but Marco still doesn't want anybody to know he's gay. He tries to play the "I'm not going to date because I am sad" card for awhile, but Spinner gets him a date with Hazel. Marco knows no straight man could resist her African charms and agrees to go on a date with her. Things turn sour and Marco ends up revealing his homosexuality to Spinner, who is so distraught that he leaves Marco crying in an alley and later writes 'Marco is Gay' in a bathroom. Marco finds out that Spinner wrote this after Jay makes fun of Marco for being gay. Spinner revealing his secret upsets Marco so greatly that he won't be friends with him for about two episodes. Then Marco gets beat up outside of gay town, and everything is cool again. Marco even asks Spinner for advice when he goes on his first gay date. Spinner, who has gotten over his homophobia, gladly helps Marco pick out a shirt.

Speaking of gay date, you might be saying to yourself "I wonder who Marco went on that gay date with?" Well it's no other then Paige's gay brother, Dylan, who works in the library and appears to be at least 25. It is implied that Dylan has clashed with Jay in the past, so I hope that Degrassi goes into this sometime in the future. Maybe they could make a movie about Jay stealing Dylan's candy he was going to sell for the Gay Rally, so then Dylan gets revenge through forced sodomy. Look for A Degrassi Films Presentation: Jay Vs Dylan: A Trilogy of Terror in theaters near you. Rated ARRR for butt pirates.

Final Grade: B

Marco has some good things going for him. His episodes tend to be funny and include some great Spinner lines. His relationship with Dylan raises controversy not only because they are gay, but also because Dylan is twice his age. Yet Marco plows on unaffected, he just wants to be himself, and he just wants to dance. Dance Marco, dance your way into our hearts forever.