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nameMia Jones

Nicknames: Really, by the time she was introduced we had stopped giving people nicknames and started actually paying enough attention to the show to know what the characters' real names are. We are also huge losers.
Quotable Quotes: none

Mia was introduced in season 6 as a way to help JT earn back some street cred after the whole Liberty debacle. After dating Liberty and then the lame suicide attempt, Ryan Cooley got angry and kept bugging the writers to make his character cool again. So, the writers had him date a good looking girl who is loose. Then they killed him. That's what happens when you bug the Degrassi writers. They make it look like they are giving in and then at the last moment they get their revenge. Usually, the revenge takes the form of one of the girl's doing a story where she wears very little clothing, but in this case it completely ended Ryan Cooley's acting career.

In addition to getting JT murdered, Mia also tried to join the Spirit Squad. However, prudish Darcy didn't like the idea of somebody with a baby being a cheerleader. Apparently it's cool if you had an abortion, since Manny is a cheerleader, but letting the baby live is insane. Manny stands up for Mia which turns out to be a mistake since Mia's presence on the Spirit Squad causes a riot. I'm just going to quote the play by play from Wikipedia since the writer made some odd word choices that made me laugh.

In this same episode, a spectator named (Nic) at the game starts to offend Mia for the same reason Darcy denied her a spot on the Spirit Squad. When Mia slaps Nic in the face for being so nasty to her, she gets attacked by some other girl, perhaps Nic's girlfriend. Manny attempts to separate the fight between the girl and Mia, but the girl lashes out at Manny so they wind up scrapping as well. After that, JT tries to stop the madness, but he and Nic got into a fight and is subsequently given a two weeks detention by the principal

Saying JT tried to stop the madness gives JT way to much credit. If he ever stopped any madness ever then he would be as cool as Sean, although that is a bad example since Sean only causes more madness.

Final Grade: C

The fact that I mostly talked about JT here and quoted Wikipedia shows that either I'm getting lazy or Mia isn't all that interesting. A lot of interesting stuff happened because of her, but she didn't really do anything. It just happened because she was there, and I have graded her accordingly.