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Minor Characters

Wheelchair GirlWheelchair Girl

She is in a wheelchair; she is seen hanging out with Kendra and Muslim Girl in one scene. Um, I think she was in another scene too, who knows?

Final Grade: C-

Why the hell am I even bothering to rate her? It's not like she has done anything on the show. I would have given her a straight C, but she doesn't have any legs, so that drastically lowers her chances of having sex with Craig.

Muslim GirlMuslim Girl

Muslim Girl makes one speaking appearance. She makes Hazel realize that she can't deny her past. Muslim Girl does this by yelling at her, and revealing that she knows Hazel is Muslim despite the fact that they have never spoken before. She is later seen hanging out with Kendra.

Final Grade: B-

I like how she knows the identities of all Muslims in the world. Plus if I bad mouth her, she will bomb my house.

WebsterDanny Van Zandt

Go here for his bio.


Chester HosodaChester Bloom

Chester is the Asian guy who lives next to Emma between the episodes "Bark at the Moon" and "Modern Love." After that he just sort of disappears, I guess it's just one of those things we're supposed to forget happened. Like how Wheels stopped being paraplegic, or how Sean easily got on student welfare, which provided him with more then enough money to live, while several storylines in season 5 revolve around people not having a place to live.

Now that I think about it, Chester is the only non-Kendra Asian character I can think of from the show. He could have been a good way for Asian children to associate with the show, granted he hadn't disappeared.

Final Grade: D

Chester didn't even get to a bio in the Degrassi book. Everybody got a bio in the book. Chante got a biography, despite the fact that at the time of the book's printing she had only been in one episode. Angela even got a bio despite the fact that she hasn't had any sort of impact on any storyline since season two. The fact that Chester didn't get a bio goes far to show just how much he sucks.

Muslim GirlChante Black

Go here for her bio.

Jesse StefanovicJesse Stefanovic

Nickname: The editor
Quotable Quote: God damn it Peter Parker you get me a picture of Spiderman or I will take off this shoe and stick it up your ass! Oh hey Ellie, what's up, I'm just talking with Peter Parker right now. We'll be done in a minute and then we can get a frappichino.

Jesse is the editor at the newspaper of the college that Ellie goes to. I don't know the name of the school or the paper. Until about 30 seconds ago I didn't know the name of the editor either. I just called him the editor. I also don't have any quotable quotes for him so I made a joke about Spiderman. I don't know why Peter Parker didn't sell his pictures of Spiderman to a newspaper that didn't constantly villianize Spiderman. It's a big city; there must be more than one newspaper.

When Jesse was first introduced, he and Ellie did not get along. Ellie disliked Jesse because he put down her ideas and called her a frosh. Jesse disliked Ellie because she is Ellie and that is a good enough reason. Then out of the blue, they decided to make out because people who don't like each other always end up spontaneously making out. Then, they decided to go out but had to keep it a secret. He said it was because he didn't want people to think he was playing favorites at the paper, but really it was because he was dating Ellie and that's a good enough reason to keep quiet. Later on, they broke up for some reason and he pursued a relationship with Paige. This did not work out because Spinner gave him a yell down warhellride. Depressed ,Jesse went back with Ellie. This only worsened his depression.

Final Grade: D

I hate this guy and he keeps going out with Ellie. Fuck him and his Spiderman hating ways.