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Paige MichalchukPaige Michalchuk

Nicknames: Bitch
Quotable Quotes: "This is my school, and, I don't want to see you or talk to you again."

Paige is that popular bitchy girl that nobody really likes, but she is popular so they pretend to like her anyways. I'm not entirely sure how she got popular in the first place, but I think it may have something to do with the fact that she often wears belly shirts.

Paige hasn't always been the number one lady at the school, Ashley used to be the top dog on the popularity food chain that is middle school. Then Ashley got all hopped up on goofballs. Although E helped her throw a kick ass party, the days she spent in rehab killed her popularity, and allowed Paige to gain control.

Paige dedicated her life to making sure Ashley remained miserable for a while. She was an integral part in Ashley's turn to Goth. Paige's intense hatred for Ashley doesn't really make sense since all she did to Paige was call her a hag after Paige called Ashley names. I guess nobody ever said that Paige was a reasonable girl.

Things continued in this fashion for awhile, until Paige met a man who would change her life forever. A man known in Canada only as Dean. Dean seemed like a reasonable guy, he played against the Degrassi soccer team despite appearing to be about five years older then them. Dean invited Paige to a swinging party where he promptly rapes her. While the rape was probably pretty traumatic, it did have the added benefit of making her less of a bitch. So while Paige was adversely affected by the rape, it was a good thing for anybody else that has to deal with her. It seems that when you are raped you become more sensitive to others feelings. Paige was so ashamed and upset by the rape that it seemed like she would never recover. Then she sang a song about being raped, with Dean in the audience, and was fine. She was so fine with it, she only waited six months before reporting the rape to the police. By that time there was no evidence and Dean had already raped Manny. Way to go Paige.

Spinner and Paige are a couple, which is a good thing for Paige since she is dating Spinner, a man everybody wants a piece of. Hell, if just one of the many erotic Spinner fan fictions I have read/written over the years came true, I could die a happy man. I would be especially happy if it was the one with the dwarfs and water balloons.

The Spinner-Paige relationship is far from perfect; they have had some major fights, like when Paige was attracted to Falcor the driving instructor, and Spinner crashed a car, or the time Manny nearly seduced Spinner with her evil powers, or the time Paige wanted to make out with Spinner but he was upset that Terri was in the hospital. I thought they would never work that one out.

Final Grade: B-

Paige is a mean annoying bitch, but that's what she's supposed to be. I don't liker her that much, but hey, those belly shirts are hot.