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Peter StonePeter Stone

Nickname: That pretty boy who got Manny to show her boobs
Quotable Quotes: "You want to know what I think? I think you're so desperate for male attention you'll do anything for it. You're a BIG FAT ATTENTION WHORE!"

Peter is the new character added in season five. He is pretty sweet, the first thing we see him doing is videotaping girls at the pool. That's the sort of thing my creepy uncle used to do before he got banned from the YMCA. Emma immediately has a crush on him because he's obviously a horn dog and she wants somebody who will let her suck his dick without a whole lot of questions. Emma hates it when she has to go through the trouble of arranging a date, and then having dinner, and then getting the person alone before she can suck him off. Thing is, Peter is such a horn dog that he is attracted to Manny. He gets Manny drunk, makes a tape of her exposing her magnificent breasts, and then sends the tape to everybody in the school, thus making him and Manny mortal enemies.

Because he humiliated her best friend, Emma is unable to go out with Peter. However forbidden love is like a penis and Emma can't resist either one for long. She and Peter steal precious moments, and amazingly enough nobody notices them standing on opposite sides of the bookshelf and talking to each other. During the premier party for Jay & Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh, they sneak away so that Emma can suck Peter off, and they catch Peter's mother and Snake having sex. Did I mention his mom is the principal? I guess I haven't, I meant to put that in earlier. She is the principal. Snake ends up getting kicked out by Spike due to this incident.

Final Grade B+

Peter was a good addition to the cast. He's a bit of a prick but he's already gotten to see Manny's boobs and has had sex with Emma, all in about half a season. Craig didn't even get to have sex his first season. I predict by the end of the season Peter will have sex tapes of every member of the cast. It's a good thing he wasn't one of the original members because by season three the show would have become nothing more then a weekly half hour porno, and now that I think of it I wish he was one of the original members.