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RickRick Murray

Nicknames: That Guy Who Put Terri in Her Place
Quotable Quotes: "When you talk to me like that it makes me feel stupid aaaaaaaaahhhhh!"

Rick is attracted to Terri for some reason. I guess he just likes fat chicks, or maybe he is attracted to Paige and decided to settle. Whatever the reason, Rick woos Terri like a pro, giving her roses and notes. It would be very romantic if they weren't in 8th grade. What's the point of going through all this time, effort, and money to date somebody in middle school? You know how long the average middle school relationship lasts, not very long, especially if you are insane and smack your woman around. Rick doesn't even wait until they are emotionally attached before he starts smacking her around; he punches her before the second date. It's no surprise she dumps him, for about a month. Then they get back together for a day and Rick punches her so hard he puts her in a coma.

Final Grade: B

Rick may like theater, and look like Harry Potter, but he took Terri out with one punch. That's impressive, Terri out weighs him by at least 70 pounds, but one punch and a well placed slab of cement later, she is out. You can't argue with results like that. Bonus points for his mother, who has an accent so crazy she constantly sounds like she is a drunk trying to disguise her voice while making a prank phone call.